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Random Thoughts
08 January, 2002 :: 7:51 a.m.

Random thoughts:

One day I'll make a lousy parent. The proof I have of this? Gideon, my ferret, was wandering around yesterday just constantly finding different things to get himself in trouble. It's like having a two year old around, you can never let your guard down. After grabbing him and setting him back down in other areas half a dozen times as he tried to get into half a dozen things, he finally came over next to the computer, stood up, grabbed the ashtray sitting on top of my file box in both of his paws and pulled it to the ground. Now the ashtray should have held no interest for him...I don't even like the smell of an ashtray and his sense of smell is supposed to be better, so why even mess with it? Anyway, it was more than I could tolerate at that point, so I scooped him up, gave him a firm smack on his backside and put him back in his cage. He layed on top of his t-shirt which he sleeps in and just looked pitiful. After about a minute I relented and let him back out. He wasted no time finding more things to get into. I'd be a hopeless parent.

On a related note, I'm envious of Gideon. Every time he is let out of his cage, he goes on a scouting mission around the apartment. He's seen most of the stuff in here a thousand times already, yet he always finds things newly fascinating and comes up with new ways to get into mischief. I wish I had maintained that sense of wonder from when I was a child.

I made up a word the other day that I wanted to start using in place of moron, ass-monkey, shithead, etc. It was a great new word to use for stupid people who irritate you. Then I got to thinking that with all the words already in existence in the English language, it was a bit pretentious to go creating a new word. I have now forgotten what that word was and I wish I hadn't.

I used to, and still occasionally do, paint my nails. I used to do it all the time, always had a couple nails painted. I never wanted to take the time or hassle of painting all of them, so usually just my left thumb and maybe one or two other fingers (because I'm right handed and it's easier to paint my left hand). Then someone one day asked me if I did it to be like Carson Daly. This horrified me, so I watched TRL one day and, sure enough, the bastard was doing it too. So I don't do it as much anymore. But screw that, I didn't even know who Carson Daly was when I started painting my nails, so if I want to, I will.

Along the lines of my entry about starting a snowball fight with my downstairs neighbors:

I was having a discussion with my friend Pat online after making that entry and was talking about how long it had been since I'd been in a quality snowball fight. We discussed how, as you get older, you stop doing fun things like that. Being 26 years old, if I were to walk out the door, make a snowball, and wing it at the first person I saw, it probably wouldn't go over well at all. I told Pat I should try it just as an experiment. How hard is it to be "an adult" and start a snowball fight? My hypothesis is that I would either gets screamed at and called names or possibly beaten up. Could I even start a snowball fight with a kid, who in any other circumstance would probably love a snowball fight, or would the kid just assume I was a big bully asshole? It reminds me of the scene in Fight Club when Tyler gives the other members the assignment to start a fight with a total stranger and you hear Edward Norton's narrator voice say that this is much harder than you would think. I think that starting a good snowball fight and getting other people to join in would also be a lot of work. I'm seriously considering giving it a whirl though. If anyone is reading this and has any thoughts on the matter themselves, feel free to leave me a note. Why do you have to stop playing in the snow just because "you're an adult" and why are we more likely to assume some sinister plot behind someone throwing a snowball our way than just assume that the person is trying to have a little fun and wants you to throw one back? I say anyone that reads this and lives where there's snow should give it a try--throw a snowball at a stranger and see if they throw one back. I know I wish someone would toss one at me as I walked by. It'd be on then.

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