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Conversations in my sleep
11 January, 2002 :: 8:50 p.m.

Well, Emily should be here in the early afternoon tomorrow. It should be interesting. I told her about the whole thing with Char figuring it would put her mind at ease to know there's one less thing for us to argue about...Instead, she someohow decided that Char was doing this to make me jealous and that in the end Char will come back to me wanting to be friends and I'll just forget about Emily. I so don't understand girls.

She keeps telling me that the other girls that I know all have these hidden agendas and she knows because she used to play the same games when she was in high school get the idea. Well, so far, none of these things has panned out. So my conclusion is that maybe Emily just wasn't a very nice person in high school. Maybe she played games with a lot of people, but that doesn't mean that everyone else is.

But still, I'm looking forward to her being back. It should be fun. Be nice to have someone to go out with again. Be nice to have someone else around the apartment so I don't wake up having conversations with myself--I hope.

That was weird. I haven't slept much the last two days and I set the alarm so I could grab like 2 hours of sleep before work yesterday. It didn't dawn on me until later at work that when I got up to hit the snooze button on my alarm, I was having a conversation. Like a talking-out-loud-all-alone-in-my-apartment conversation. And I laughed. I distinctly remember laughing. Who the hell was I talking to? Myself? What was said that I found so funny? All I can think is I didn't fully snap out of some dream I'd been having as I got up to hit the alarm...Odd.

So anyway, it'll be nice to have someone else to talk to other than the cat and the ferret. I usually just end up yelling at Gideon. Sure, Echo and I have some good conversations, but he mostly just listens...

So I'm excited about Emily getting back up here. It's our chance to see where things are gonna go. That'll have a lot to do with what happens in my life after May. If it feels like things can be good between us, maybe I'll end up leaving here with her. If things obviously aren't going to work out, then I have some other decisions to make. I know I need to get out of this town and I don't know if it can wait until school is done.

In lighter news, I got an e-mail from my favorite college prof. An invitation to his book publication party. Of course it's got to be a weekend I'm scheduled to work, but I've got a vacation day left, so maybe I'll use it then. Could be really great. Also, he's not going to be teaching this semester due to he and his wife taking turns taking a semester off to care for their new child. The downside? This is the prof I still owe my ten page paper to to make up the incomplete I took last semester. I still am not even close to having a paper to give him and I'll feel like a royal ass if I go to the party not having a paper to give him. I mean I've only had a month since the paper was due for everyone else. Maybe I can get my ass in gear this weekend. After that school is back in session and then when will I have time? Shite. We'll see what the next week brings me. If anyone out there has a ten page paper laying around on Dickens and his use of sentimentalism, especially relating that to "A Christmas Carol," maybe we can cut a deal. I'm sure tons of people have a paper like that laying around.

Well, I've got a solid 20 minutes to straighten up the apartment before work. Anything I get done tonight is something I don't have to worry about in the morning. Em's mom is a bit of a Nazi when is comes to a clean house. This place could be more sanitary than an operating room and she'd still find fault with something, but I suppose I should at least tidy up a bit. Smooches.

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