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Back to the grind...
14 January, 2002 :: 9:40 a.m.

Well, I have an hour and a half until this semester starts for me. American Romanticism, whoo. Don't anticipate any major problems with this class. Actually my oral communications class is the only one I don't think I'm going to enjoy. Pat was supposed to be back so we could take it together. Also, I have no idea what to expect from this professor. Everyone's been telling me since I started to take this professsor for oral comm. or make sure you avoid that professor. So who do I end up with? A professor I've never heard anything about. That's my expendable class. I can afford to drop one, and if need be, that'll be the one.

I was just looking at my transcript online. Overall, my grades have been great. Almost entirely A's and B+'s with two C's from classes I didn't apply myself in. Now I have an F to add to that, plus to I's I still have to clear up. Gotta finish that damn paper and see my other prof about what I have to do for him to make up the I. I need those 6 credits because I need to be a junior. This is my 6th full semester, plus my first semster I took just one class to get an idea of what to expect after being out of school so long. Time to be a junior. It would be nice to think I could get out of school in a couple more years and start a real job and earn real money.

Em's back and so far things have gone well. Just kinda chilled Saturday after she got back, then went out for one last night of fun before school started. Had a really good time. Yesterday got some shopping done, rented a couple movies...Moulin Rouge--that was a cool movie. I really wasn't sure about it, but I was curious and Em wanted to see it. Have to say I enjoyed it. Will I run out and buy it? Nah, got tons of other movies I want to buy first, but it was a pleasant surprise. Made dinner, had her friend Sarah over to eat with us. Just a relaxed, chill night. Yeah, shoulda been trying to finish that paper, but my back isn't totally against the wall yet.

Had to pull Bill out of his house last night into the cold, windy world. Forgot to turn my lights off when we went shopping and the battery was dead when we got back to the car. An hour trip to go pick up stuff we needed turned into three hours by the time we got done looking at stuff we didn't need, got Bill to jump the car and drove around to charge up the battery before heading home.

Well, time to shower and mentally prepare myself for another semester.

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