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Long way to the goal line
16 January, 2002 :: 1:46 p.m.

This has been the longest week..err, three days of my life. After I left off on my last entry, I found myself feeling really excited. I was actually looking forward to the new semester. That lasted not quite a day.

I realized I'm not ready for Oral Communications yet. I have three other classes I'm gonna have to give speeches in; I don't need a class that's all about speeches. No problem, gonna drop that and add Deviant Behavior. Plus side? Another class with my favorite psychology professor and it's a writing course. Downside? A long paper due and a speech.

I also decided to switch Health for Intro to Theater. I need an intro class to graduate, but I need Health too. No prob. Downside? A couple of papers I probably wouldn't have had with theater and a short presentation for part of the class.

Shakespeare. Just a good damn class. I think I'm really gonna like it. Prof is cool and I love the bard and it's a writing course. Nice. Downside? Several long papers and a speech that I have to collaborate with another person on--shit. Upside to the downside? Emily is in the class so I have a built in partner for the speech.

Astronomy. Not bad, just a lot to learn. As long as I can find time, no problem.

American Romanticism. My favorite class so far, except we have to read Moby Dick. I've tried to tackle that beast several times and I've never been successful. Only one 1500 word essay. Nice.

Downside to whole thing? Working third shift and trying to find time for sleep and homework is starting to drive me insane. Feels like it should be the weekend already. I've lost track of the day so many times already. I only get naps so everytime I wake up it seems like it must be the next day by now. At this rate, my mind is gonna hit May before I get through the first month. This is gonna be the death of me yet.

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