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22 January, 2002 :: m.

So it's the second week of school and I already missed one class last week. Now, I have about an hour now until Shakespeare and I'm strongly considering cutting. Why?

Tired for one reason.

Have a 2-3 page paper due and it's not done. I can't get it done, get something to eat and get a shower before class starts. The paper is on a sonnet. We were given 5 sonnets to read and choose from to write our paper. I don't see how this is fair...Shakespeare jotted down 14 lines in each of these poems and I'm supposed to come up with 2-3 pages? I can do it, but not right now. I could get mad sleep if I just called it a day and went to bed now.

Not an option though...

I still have to track down a professor to get his signature on my drop slip. Right now I'm listed as having 20 credits. Yeah, I'm totally suicidal; I'm gonna take 20 credits and work full-time on third shift. Uh Huh. As if that idea isn't rediculous enough...over 18 credits, you pay extra and I don't feel like paying extra. So I drop intro to theater and shazaam, back to only 17 credits. But that means finding this prof and then seeing my advisor to explain all the "tweaking" I did to the schedule he built for me. And tell him I still have no clue what I'm doing with my life. That should be fun.

So congrats to me...second day of the second week of school and I'm cutting class and not finishing my homework on time. Good fucking start.

But at least I found time to update my diary.

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