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Skittle Innovators
23 January, 2002 :: 2:00 p.m.

I have three things I want to write about and none of them are related: mint skittles, a dream and bad little habit I have.

Which do I choose and which do I hope I remember for another time? Hmmm...

Mint Skittles...(way to attack the serious issues first!)...what the hell are these things? I bought them and I'm having difficulty with them. I keep eating them, but I'm scowling the whole time. I've been brought up to expect my spearmint to be in hard candy form and I've been brought up to expect Skittles to be fruit flavoured (note the European spelling of flavour...I'm so sophisticated, or maybe it was just a stupid whim, yeah, prolly that one). How am I supposed to accept mint flavored Skittles; how am I supposed to handle chewy mints? Actually, I can handle mentos chewy mints, so I guess this is more of a Skittles are supposed to be fruit flavored issue that I'm having trouble with. "Five Different Spearmint Tastes"...that's what the back of the package says. They have different spearmints? Why was I never informed? I thought we had pepermint and spearmint, I never knew there were variations within those two categories. So I'm pulling out the five different colors and trying to taste the differences. To my surprise there are differences, but I don't know how to describe, once you've eaten like half a box, it gets hard to distinguish because your whole mouth is just minty. The white ones are my least favorite, yet they remind me of something...oh, toothpaste. But which brand? Dunno. I'm digging the light blue ones though...fresh, almost fruity...if mint was a fruit. Light green--standard issue spearmint, dependable and good. Darker bluish ones--stronger version of the light green near as I can figure. Dark green--hmm, little bit more bite to them...very faint soapy aftertaste...or maybe that's because I just washed my hands. What's up with mint Skittles getting a nifty little plastic box? Fruit skittles are left to those boring little bags, mint Skittles get a plastic box. Life ain't fair. Poor fruit Skittles...they're the originals and they get treated like second rate candy compared to the upstart mints. Who walked into the Skittles factory one day and even proposed such an idea. "How bout mint Skittles? And we'll make two different kinds...peppermint and spearmint. And we'll have different colors with slightly different tastes." Was he or she laughed at or shunned when they first proposed this idea? I have to say that they are growing on me, but still...Skittles in my mind should be fruit flavored...sour is okay because they are still fruit, so I like the sour Skittles, but this mint thing is gonna take some time...When are they gonna make chocolate Skittles?

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