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University in a Box
24 January, 2002 :: 2:51 p.m.

so...time for another entry...

the dream i mentioned wanting to write's been a recurring dream, i guess. it changes a little each time and doesn't come back often, but it's been pretty much the same dream several times.

It takes place on the campus of Mansfield University...only the campus is much different. A couple of very tall buildings where the library and Manser are located. They are the library and Manser, but they aren't because they are huge skyscrapers. The library building has all of the classrooms and the library and Manser is kind of like a mall...tons of levels with just about everything you need from food to cd's and dvd's to a gym...just whatever...and the dorm rooms. And everyone lives in the dorms because there is no choice...see the campus is enclosed in like a force field or something...kinda like Total Recall or something, I dunno. There are trees and hills behind the buildings where you can go and some other areas of the campus to walk around and even a pretty, pristine little pond with ducks and swans and a little bridge and stuff. Picture perfect, but there's no getting out. Once you're in, you're in. Say goodbye to the outside world until you graduate. You are "educated" on how to be a member of society--a useful member of society. It seems like a perfect little world, but I know I can't get out and part of me is okay with that because, hey, at least I have friends in there with me. We can't get out though until our education is complete. Kinda freaky. I'm glad it doesn't visit me that often. No wonder I'm not a big fan of sleep.

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