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Fate of Manhood crossover
07 February, 2002 :: 8:30 a.m.

Fate of Manhood part III (First two episoded appear in Dynamitekid's journal)

Dynamitekid and I have realized that we, along with countless other males, don't understand women. Sure, I have a girlfriend and have had others, but the two things have nothing to do with each other as far as I can tell. You don't have to understand women to date them or even marry them and that alone makes it all the more confusing.

Am I the most handsome guy? No. Rich? No. Do I run around acting like a retard? No. These three things seem to be key elements in getting girls whenever you desire. Most girls are going to deny the first two are issues and probably not understand what I'm talking about with the third, but tough--we haven't understood you for generations. Plus I'm gonna explain a little later.

A lot of women would have you believe that money ain't a thang, but that's bullshit. Maybe they'll put up with a guy that doesn't have a lot of money for a while, but it's not going to last. Even after three years of being together, that was one of Char's things against me...I'd fucked up my credit and she didn't want to be with someone whose credit is bad. Forget that a lot of what got my credit cards near their limits in the first place was stuff I bought her and forget that I was late a few times with payments on my credit card payments because of paying for a night out. So even love isn't stronger than a bank account balance. It's okay to help a guy to ruin himself financially because you can run and find someone else (maybe even a guy whose parents have lots of money *ahem*).

The looks issue...okay, men do that as well, base judgements of women on looks...we're still part of the animal kingdom. Birds and fish and a bajillion other species base who they're gonna have sex with on looks. But there's a double standard. Men get smacked upside the head for looking at other women--and you know this, MAN! It's true. I've been there. Women give you this bullshit "you're all I need, I don't look at other men" lecture--but it's different when they're around their friends.

Guys who act like idiots? This apparently is something that attracts women that I and others like me just don't get. Too many times we see a cute girl with a great personality on the arm of a bonehead--particularly if said bonehead belongs to a sports team or fraternity where he socializes with more boneheads that are just like him. These guys can walk all over a girl, leave her feeling like shit, and chances are do the same thing to at least one of her friends. Women say they want a nice guy that will listen to them and understand them, but it's a crock.

So in closing...Ladies, we're on to you. No, we don't understand, but we're gonna start researching this shit. We know you speak the same language as us, but that words mean different things for you...whether it's the tone of your voice, the structure of the sentence, the perfume you wear that day, whatever the hell it is that lets other women know what the hell you are talking about but leaves men clueless, we'll find you out. The Fate of Manhood depends on it.

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