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Weekend Recap...because I feel guilty for no entries over the weekend.
11 February, 2002 :: 6:58 a.m.

Friday three entries and then all weekend without a single one... This was a wasted weekend. Don't get me wrong, there was some fun, but overall, I'd like to hit rewind and do just about every part of it over again. The highlights of the weekend:

1) Saturday morning at Dunkin's Donuts reading the paper and watching people. I need to start paying more attention if I'm ever gonna do any writing that's any good. Have to learn to be a people watcher and to make mental notes. But it was just a relaxing time, making the best of an unexpected surprise i.e. three people passed out in the living room when I got home from work which meant no Saturday morning cartoons or writing in my journal. But I had a nice hour and a half by myself just chilling.

2)Caught the original Rollerball Saturday night...I'd seen bits and pieces, but never the whole thing. Very good. A must get on DVD. Reminds me stylistically of A Clockwork Orange. Another movie I've neglected getting on DVD but must.

3) Em and I went out for a bit to do bar laundry so as to be able to say we did something productive with our Saturday. Always enjoyable but I realized too late that we could have gone to the Gaslight in Wellsboro for their Mardi Gras party. Granted, not even close to being able to go to Mardi Gras in New Orleans, but there will be time for that later. Still, I was at the Gaslight for their Mardi Gras last year and it was a good time and probably would have been again had I been thinking. It felt like someone had placed a giant weight filled with water in my head though, so thinking wasn't my strong point Saturday. Every little move made me feel as though I was off balance and about to topple over on my head...and that was before any alcohol entered my system. Actually, things got better after I started drinking.

4)Sunday...Emily's orchestra concert. Went on way longer than I expected, but despite some cheesy "patriotic" songs, it was cool. My parents came along and that was totally different. Never been to anything like that with my parents, so it was kinda nice.

5)Made dinner for my parents after the concert and got them to stay and watch Memento. That was great. A movie I doubt they would have watched on their own, it was fun watching them try to make sense of it and figure out exactly what was going on. I sacrificed some sleep, but it was worth it.

The downside...I did not one thing for school over the weekend--and I had a shitload to get done. Not even one sentence of Moby Dick or Ralph Waldo Emerson read, no outline for Deviant Behavior and no studying for the test I have to make up at noon today. So now I will end this entry so I can stay up all morning reading and studying so I can then run to class, take my quiz, run to Dr. Seidel's office to make up the test, run to the library and try to find sources for my paper, write up an outline, then maybe get an hour or two of sleep before class, after class time to get ready for work...if someone would be so kind as to either develop a day that has like 36 hours in it, build a machine that pauses time, or develop a way for the human body to go without sleep for days at a time w/o that person becoming psychotic, let me know.

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