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Space Invaders
12 February, 2002 :: 5:08 p.m.

I thought astronomy was going to be an easy A. It's not. Not at all. I was hoodwinked, bamboozled, led astray...I didn't land on the moon, that moon landed on me--with a loud thud and a sickening crunch-splat. Dr. V. told us the first night that if you average 100 or better (there are two extra questions) on the quizzes, you didn't have to take the final. I'm thinking, "sweet, no final in here." Let's just say me five weeks into the semester would like to go back and smack that pompous thought out of beginning of the semester me and tell him to actually study. I can do okay, I suppose, but I'm probably going to be taking the final--barring some intergalactic intervention. I'm open to intergalactic intervention. It beats going back and reading all the chapters I've skipped reading so far to try and get myself caught up. Where are the little green men when you need them?

On a related note (to school, not little green men), Dr. Washinton can be a jack ass. He has decided to wipe everone's record clean of absences so far this semester--what a great guy, right? No. Now if you're late for class, even a minute or two, it counts as an absence. Yet it's okay for him to keep the class 5-10 minutes late so that we're late for other classes. Including today when he promised to start making sure class ended on time. He better not get pissed when I start getting up and walking out at 9:15 so I can make my next class on time. Either that or he should say, if I go over, then you coming in late doesn't count against you. I'm talking walking in like 2-3 minutes late, not 15-20 like the one girl today.

Dr. K continues to be the highlight of the semester and of course I discover him the semester before he takes a year off to write a book. But Dr. U. will be back next except for the fact I'm gonna feel like a schmuck the next time I see him because he gave me an extension to get my paper done and I still took an F rather than write it. Oh well, suck it up and move on. That's assuming I decide to stay here. If M.U. attacks the English department like Dr. K has warned us about, I may not stick around. Why do I want to attend a university that takes the official stance that the English department isn't important? The fuck you say? English isn't important. English majors don't cure diseases or go on to become investment bankers or presidents of giant, soulless corporations or whatever so it's not important. They should teach comp classes and that's about it, I guess. Just make it so they can write papers for other one that has majored in English has ever gone on to brighten someone's day with a really good book or poem, or taught a kid the joys of reading or expressing themselves through writing. English is practically useless. So let's just get rid of it. Fuck English, who needs it? Let's all stop writing and hey, if you've got any books, burn them. Farenheit 451 baby! It takes a measly 451 degrees Farenheit to burn a book, so get to it. No more writing papers, reading newspapers...MORE TIME FOR TV! Thank you to all of the decision makers for Mansfield University for reminding us of what is and isn't important. I'm gonna go burn some books, starting with my astronomy book. Ooooh, look at me, I tied something together for looked like another random set of thoughts, but no, I pulled it off. Too bad I figure out how to do this at the same time I have to stop writing because it isn't important...

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