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God Is Dead
16 February, 2002 :: 7:18 a.m.

Well, I was in the middle of a new entry (my first in a few days) and *poof* my internet connection disappeared. I was badmouthing God, but I'm sure that was just a coincidence. I wasn't badmouthing God really, just Christians. I'm all for Buddhism or Judaism or just spirituality, but Christians as a whole I don't like. I don't like people as a whole, but especially Christians...and by Christians I'm talking the ones that let you know that they are Christian and that they are better than you, they are going to heaven while you roast in hell, their particular form of Christianity is the right one and if you aren't on board there's no hope for you...Christians who think they are doing God's work to go to foreign countries and try to convert the "savages" to save their if all the souls of these peoples' ancestors are lost forever because the Christians didn't convert them. Give me a break, get off your fucking high horse and look at the world around you. Buddhism is beautiful...what I know of it. I really should study it more as I should all religion. My church turned me off in the middle of the classes they make you take to become a member...blah. That idiotic "if you find a watch in the desert then you know someone must have left it there, the watch obviously has a creator and therefore, God exists because we exist and must have a creator." Blah, Blah, Blah and bah humbug. 12 years old and I could see through that shit. If Christianity is so great, how come you can't find two people who agree on what the hell God's word is? You have pro-life Christians and pro-choice Christians; you have people who think killing can be justified (especially if it's done in God's name--because he asked them to obviously, he can't just wipe out the morons like in the Old Testament anymore), these people are juxtaposed with people who think killing of any kind is wrong; masturbation is okay, masturbation is a mortal sin...any topic you can find Christians that don't agree on what God's official stance is. You have to do this to get to heaven, wait no, if you do that you are damning your immortal soul. If there ever was a God, he either had a great sense of humor and we're here strictly as the entertainment (and only animals actually get into heaven to get the hell away from humans) or he left a long time ago realizing his error and figuring he'd start from scratch in some remote area of the world. Hitler killed tons of Jews and people who believe in God would have you believe it's all part of the plan; millions live in poverty and starve to death or die from diseases that could easily be cured if they just had the resources...again, God's plan; MLK, jr. gets shot down--God's plan; the people in the World Trade Center and Pentagon and the airplane that crashed in southern Pennsylvania--God's plan...screw that. The world is overpopulated, but a God that chooses those methods of population control, I don't need. I prefer Whitman's philosophy and the philosophy of Eastern religions...we're one with the universe...our bodies pass back to the earth, but we never really die. We're part of the universe, we're part of that matter that cannot be created or destroyed, only changed into something else. We breathe air that Lincoln and Ghandi and Jesus (J.C. himself is's the idiots who claim to be following him now I hate) breathed; we're made up of chemicals, of molecules that once contributed to these great people and many, many other great people. We will pass on, but remain a part of everything in a different form and we have a soul that isn't immortal, but has always been and always will be, just it will take on a new identity from time to time and have distinct identities based on the form it inhabits. I will live my life trying to create more positive than negative, trying to help out fellow humans and fellow creatures when I can...although I hate spiders, I set them free rather than squash them, I catch and release most creatures that invade my home. I'm spiritual, I believe there is more to life than what our senses tell us there is... I believe in syncronicity and mystifying things that are beyond our understanding, but I don't believe some all-knowing, all-planning entity has set this all in motion and watches over it. And why don't the Mormons visit me? I've see them in town, but they never stop by. No, I'm not going to subscribe to their religion, but I'm open to hearing more about it, so why not step inside and show me what you know and believe? Anyone with knowledge of any religion is welcome to stop by and try to enlighten me...pretend I'm a savage from a far off land whose soul is in danger. Just leave your holier than thou routine at the door.

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