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Ramblings...what else would I write?
17 February, 2002 :: 4:50 p.m.

There's a whole lot of stuff that I haven't been keeping up with. My last entry started off as a thing about how I read they cloned a cat and were working toward people being able to clone beloved pets and how I thought it was cool and then it turned into a thing about Christians because I know so many that seem to pick and choose what's convenient for them to live by. Then my entire entry disappeared (thanks to AOL not Diaryland) and that just set me off to focus on the latter of those two subjects...and anyway, it wasn't the entry I intended and I haven't been keeping up with my entries and ....$#%@!&*^....I've just kind of been adrift.


Dr. U. didn't give me an F for Vic. Lit. He definitely could have since I didn't do the final paper for him, but he gave me a C instead. That brings up a whole mixture of emotions...I'm happy that I didn't fail the class, I feel guilty because he gave me a passing grade when I don't know as I really earned it and because other people did the final paper and got like a C for the course, I feel like I should do the paper for him anyway and just give it to him next semester when he comes back just because I owe it to him after all the help he has given me, and I feel annoyed because I had A's on the first two papers and could have probably gotten an A in the class if I had just gotten myself around to writing.

I'm not doing as badly in astronomy as I thought I was, but it's still a lot tougher than I expected it to be. I just don't have head for science. I sit here in amazement that so many ancient cultures were able to plot out the stars and get so much information from them, but then I realize that there were probably people in those cultures that just didn't get it and just let others explain it to them. Kinda like, there are people that can run power plants and shit now and keep them running should something go wrong, but most of us would be clueless and, if left to us, the area we were living in would soon be plunged into blackness should something malfunction.

Emily and I rented a movie called Faust. It was based loosely on the story of Faust, I guess...a guy selling his soul to the Devil, but other than that, it was just really cheesy and really bad. At firt it was a really bad movie that seemed to take itself seriously and that made it worse, but then it got stupid and campy and I ended up liking it a lot better...from a bad movie perspective. I mean there are movies you see and say, "WOW...I need to own that!" then there are movies that are good, then okay, then bad, then there are the movies that are so bad they are enjoyable... This was in that last category--mostly. It took too long to get's not a classic bad movie, it's just a bad movie. Like there are cheesy movies that I'd love to own...Starship Troopers jumps to's bad, but loveably bad...I remember renting that just after Char and I got back from our vacation in Rhode Island. We'd driven all day, got home, went to the rental place, went home and started watching it...she hated it, no if's and's or but's, I sat there going, "Wow, this is bad. This is not what I was expecting. This is really bad...really, really, really...bad." But as soon as we returned it the next day, I found myself thinking about parts of it and wanting to see it again...that's the sign of a classic bad movie, for me anyway. I also rented Dial M for Murder that weekend...God I love Hitchcock movies. I could watch Rear Window at least once a week and never get tired of it. Dial M for Murder as good as it is, just made me want a cigarette that day because I had been without a smoke for 9 or 10 days at that point because Char didn't like smoking and I hadn't taken any with me to Rhode Island or bought any. I just sat there watching characters light up cigarette after cigarette wherever they were. The good old days when you could be anywhere and just light up...even someone's house. Ahhhh. What does that have to do with classic bad movies? Not a damn thing. But a good bad movie can just create so many good memories around it. Pat, when the hell are you coming back up here so we can sit around and watch bad movies, play Gameday or Madden, take trips to the Entertainment Complex/Research Center, and just take drives and talk? I miss those times, bro. I love remembering our wacky adventures, but I'd much rather be creating new ones. I'm calling for a weekend when you and Steve and I all get together and just watch bad movies, play Magic and bullshit. We have to make time, not just say we're gonna because when you don't make time, time just keeps slippin by and pretty soon you stop and think, "Damn, when the hell did I hit 30? and why the hell don't I talk to my friends much anymore?" Okay, so I'll be the one wondering about being and Steve can wonder about being 25. Anway, I've made an entry for today so I don't have to feel guilty anymore.

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