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Another Commercial and then to the point...maybe
27 February, 2002 :: 12:27 p.m.

So...lack of concentration is the first sign of pregnancy? That's the impression I get from the E.P.T. commercial...a lady jogging and she thinks to herself, "I can't concentrate...could I be pregnant?" Huh? I can never concentrate well, but I'm pretty sure that I'm not pregnant.

Anyway...for years I refused to accept this area as home. Right before sixth grade was going to start, my parents uprooted us and moved us here. I hated it with a passion. I've always been shy, but I felt like I belonged in Corning (Painted Post, Cooper's Plains...wherever you technically want to call it, but the Corning area is home to me). I was in student council, little league, went to school functions, briefly belonged to band (and I regret to this day that I dropped it). I was just active and feeling like I belonged and then, bam, I'm in hicksville. Corning isn't the biggest city in the world, maybe 30,000 people or so, but part of a larger area including Elmira and close to Ithaca and a bunch of other cool places. But anyway, Wellsboro is like 5,000 tops. It's tiny and people come from all over to visit and they say, "What a beautiful little town" but that's because they don't live there. Yeah, it is a beautiful little town because they work very hard to maintain that image. The down side is that in order to maintain the quaint, postcard-perfect image, there is nothing to do. They offer nothing to the youth for entertainment or activity and then they get upset that people have nothing better to do than drive laps around Main St. Mansfield is no better. Even with college in session, there's maybe 5,000 people or so in this town. It's a goddamned college town and there's NOTHING! One bar in town, no clubs, not even a music store (sorry, wal-mart doesn't count...anyplace that sells only edited music does not count). I've been to other college towns and I've never seen a place like Mansfield that is so happy to make money off the students and offer nothing to them in return. If you don't have a car or a friend with one, you're fucked. Anything worth doing is AT LEAST a 40 minute drive away.

The point I was trying to make is I've finally come to accept the Mansfield-Wellsboro area as home since I've lived here more than half my life (Corning is my hometown, but Mansfield is where home is...). I finally accept Mansfield as home and now home feels like where I don't belong...

Ummmmm...I swear to god that Kid Rock is on CMT right now...the hell? If it isn't him, someone is doing an excellent job of copying his greaseball, ugly-ass motherfucker look. He's singing for Christ's sake! What the hell is this?

I need some sleep before I try to comprehend Shakespeare.

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