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Fuck the Police
28 February, 2002 :: 4:25 a.m.

I am prejudiced--not in the most common sense though. I don't care what race you are, whether you are gay or straight, man or woman...people are people. I have problems with people that belong to groups. I guess because I am an individual who never feels like he fits in anywhere and doesn't like crowds, I am suspicious of anyone who belongs to a group or organization. I dislike frats and sororities a great deal even though I know some great people who belong; I am suspicious of anyone who openly talks about religion...I mean people who are out to convert others or convince them that they need to get closer to God and the only way to do this is through whatever that person's particular religion is. I am all for open discussion of religion and I would love to learn more about different religions from people who belong to them, but I already made this the subject of an entry.

The organization that I am speaking of at the moment is police. I hate cops. I guess it's because I'm used to having negative experiences with them, but anytime I see anyone wearing a cop uniform, I automatically put my guard up and assume them to be arrogant assholes. I got a speeding ticket a few years back and the cop was a dick; I got pulled over one night for forgetting my headlights...a funny story that I'll tell at a later time...that cop needed a beating with his own baton; I've been given parking tickets various times because the college doesn't offer adequate parking; I've had various other interactions with cops who were pompous and acted like their batons were stuck up their asses. So why am I writing about this now? I have a stalker and he happens to be a cop.

I have no idea who this cop is, but he works third shift and seems to have decided to be a royal pain in my ass. This is a small town and there isn't much traffic in the middle of the night, but there is some. For some reason (maybe because he sees my car at the same times almost every night, maybe just because he's an ass, maybe some other reason) this cop has become attached to me. It doesn't matter what direction I'm travelling or what direction he's travelling, when he sees me, he follows me. I'm not talking like normal distance and because he happens to be heading in the same direction; I'm talking right up on my ass so that I almost can't see his headlights. There is no reason for this.

I follow the speed limit (reasonably well...exceptionally well at night now since I expect to see him), I don't swerve in my lane, I use turn signals and stop at stop signs. I'm not doing anything that should incur this behavior from this cop. I'm driving from work to home for lunch and from home back to work to finish my shift. The cop knows both of my destinations now due to his following me. I come down Main St. in this little town and I have to make a right onto another street to head toward my apartment. This street intersects Main St. so there is a west and an east side to it. I'm coming up to make my turn and sitting ont he west side of the street is a car with just its parking lights on, as soon as I turn east onto the street, I see the headlights flip on and the car shoots across Main St. in pursuit of me. He followed me two block until I turned onto the street I live on. Another night he was heading east on the street when I turned west onto it to head back to work...the cop turned up another street and a couple minutes later he's at an intersection at the other end of town and as soon as I go by he follows me all the way to wal-mart. He's followed me so many times now I've lost count--the other night there was a car ahead of me that seemed, to my untrained eye, to have a driver that was intoxicated. Instead of following that car when they turned off, the cop stayed right on my ass all the way throug town until I turned onto the street I live on. He obviously knows my car and knows both of my destinations and the times that I usually come through town. Yes, I happen to be driving through town at the same time the bars let out, but he knows I'm coming from work and heading home or vice versa, yet he still feels the need to follow me and tailgate me. I would love to slam on my breaks and have him smack into me. I could always say I saw a possum or some other critter and was trying to avoid it.

I can sympathize a lot with minorities who are pulled over for no reason. What I'm going through is a mere annoyance, I don't have to worry about getting beaten or arrested or falsely accused of a crime (I hope). Just being followed in this manner sucks, I can just imagine what it must be like to actually get pulled over when you haven't done anything and not know what the officer is going to do to you. Police have way too much power sometimes and, at least in my area, too many of the cops seem to be guys who got picked on in school and turned down by girls and now are using the power they have to overcompensate for that and make the lives of others miserable. Does that mean I'm supposed to be a cop since that was pretty much my life through high school?

I suppose I should end this entry and prepare for my mid-term in Shakespeare now. Later.

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