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My Opinions that you should agree with!
13 March, 2002 :: 2:45 p.m.

So many things have been running throught my head today that I wanted to make entries about...or one long-ass wandering entry. (The hell? I've never made one of those beofore.)

First thing: The Fightin' Whites (pronounced Whiteys) intermural basketball team in Colorado with mostly Native American members. They are protesting the use of names like Fightin' Reds and Redskins for sports teams. I think this is FANTASTIC! I love it. It was only a few entries back I was talking about words having too much power, but there aren't good insults for white people. I personally am not insulted by the name and I think it's funny while making a point. I don't think they'll be changing the world anytime soon, but they have a good idea and I say go for it. If they ever need a short, bad basketball player who likes to dive on the floor and karate chop people on the other team, they can get in touch. I'll be their player/mascot.

Item two: I hope they give Andrea Yates the death penalty. Let her drown slowly...keep bringing her up for gasps of air, then dunk her back under...repeat until dead. Also transfer Susan Smith to a Texas prison, put her in a car and roll it into a lake. I'm not into having kids at this point in my life, but I can't imagine killing them if I did. There are other ways to deal with kids you can't or won't care for, like adoption.

Item three: There is new footage of the Loch Ness Monster out there...supposedly some of the finest ever shot...apparently my eyes are worse than I thought because I didn't see shit.

Item four: I think all professional sports leagues need to be smallerized. Yes, I realize there are other words I could have used, but I like smallerize. I would say take the worst team from each division in each sport and get rid of them, but that would mean I'd have to find a new basketball team for next season since the Knicks would be gone. But seriously, sports leagues have gotten ridiculously too big and it's time to go the other way. Get rid of a few teams and let's get back to decent competition.

Item five: Comic books rule and they should be read more. Especially older titles. People should really get into Sleepwalker and Darkhawk so that the value of those books rises again and I can finally sell them and make some money to buy better comic books with. Not that they aren't great reads! They are. Go out and buy every copy you can find. Back in the day comic books were magical. I love the smell of comic book shops and I love the memory of comics being less than a buck. I love the memory of going to the newstand near my dad's apartment and coming back with a handful of comic books. Those were the days.

That's it for now...

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