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Murderous Rage!
08 April, 2002 :: 9:02 p.m.

GOD DAMN! I hate stupid people. Two bitches in my deviant behavior class tonight fucked me over. My partner and I are supposed to give a presentation on serial was actually supposed to be tonight, but our class has gotten way behind in the presentations...

Anyway...back to why I'm pissed--two bitches who were supposed to do their report on homicide focused their entire presentation on serial murderers. WHAT THE FUCK!? Homicide is a huge topic that covers all types of murder and they focus serial murder specifically! The best part...Dr. Seidel gave us a list that told the date for your presentation and the topic. Our presentation said "Serial Killers" and it was right below theirs on the list. So they had to know that we were covering serial murder. How stupid do you have to be to cover the same topic as someone else. There wasn't even a set order to the presentations so what the hell would they have done if we had gone first?

The one girl, I swear read her entire part of the presentation word for word from a book--no way she wrote it herself. And they showed scenes from "The Watcher" and "The Silence of the Lambs." They choose two movies about non-real serial killers and then show scenes that are pointless and don't explain why they chose to use those scenes. But as far as informations goes...they totally covered the basics. So now do we get up and regurgitate the same info, or focus on specific serial killers? This fucking sucks! I know...we'll do killers like Jason and Freddie. I'll get up there, "Most serial killers have supernatural powers and the ability to come back from the dead over and over. Unfortunately they also tend to be somewhat dumb as they are always defeated by a group of idiotic teenagers. Their reasons for coming back and continuing to murder get dumber and dumber until they no longer strike fear in people's hearts but become parodies of themselves."

Well, I have to get ready for work, but I needed to vent first.

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