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24 April, 2002 :: 6:19 a.m.

Just a short entry because I start feeling guilty when I don't write in here. Not even because I think other people read it, just because I actually like writing out how I'm feeling and what I'm thinking about and I don't like missing days of making an entry...

That being said, some people just need slapped...and slapped HARD!

The other night there was a big group of people shopping around 11:30. There was a father and mother, a couple of teenage girls and some other woman. The father was the one who needed slapped.

The two younger girls were looking at bathing suits...they were probably in the 14-15 year old range. The one girl grabbed a two piece bathing suit and I hear the father say, "NO! You aren't getting that don't need to have your fat ass hanging out of that."

Whaaaat the FUCK?! I'm not a father, but I don't think you have to be to know that as a parent you do not say things like that to your child. First of all this girl was like 5'8 or so and weighed maybe 120-130 pounds. She wasn't at all fat. Secondly--you are her FATHER, ASSHOLE! You don't tell your teenage daughter that she has a fat ass, or imply that she needs to lose weight period...with the exception of a child that is morbidly obese--even then, you should say it nicely and talk in terms of it not being healthy to be overweight. Try to get the kid involved in things that give her exercise and encourage proper eating don't say things like she has a fat ass. And the mother didn't speak up. You don't think it's proper for your teenage daughter to be wearing a small bathing suit, fine. Tell her that you aren't going to pay for clothes like that. Don't say it's because she's fat. I couldn't believe that the father said that and that the mother didn't say anything to him about talking to his daughter that way.

Times like that I so hate being an associate because I don't have the freedom to tell people off--it'd cost me my job. All I can think though is if this guy is willing to humiliate his daughter in public (she didn't look very happy with his comment), how does he treat her at home? What a jackass.

Okay, I'm done ranting.

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