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End of another semester
28 April, 2002 :: 7:11 a.m.


I was so excited about the last day of classes...the only class I had was Dr. Koloski's and he invited us over to his house. It was going to be laid back, us just sitting around and reading poetry. I was so looking forward to one last class with him, with the Boston group...

Em and I went out Thursday night and did bar-laundry. We got home late and I never set an alarm...fell asleep, woke up a little after nine, meant to stay up but dozed off again, woke up at 20 after 11--too late to get up to Dr. K's before the class was over...I'm sure that some people stuck around a little longer, but some people have another class right after, so by the time I got up there, it would have been pretty much over. Dr. K. catapulted to the position of my favorite professor with this one class of his and now he's going to be gone for a year and I missed the last get together...other than the final which isn't much of a meeting.

Other than that, I'm glad the semester is over. No classes anyway, still five finals to take and three papers to get finished.

Em and I gave our presentation in Shakespeare Thursday and I was amazed that it went well. I misjudged how much stuff I was going to talk about and my brain was on shutdown mode since I was running on no sleep since the previous day. I really wish that I'd been able to give the presentation the week before because I was awake and active in that class...this time it was kinda laid back and I was out of it by the time we got up in front of the class. Em talked a lot about her part though and then the class got into an active discussion which lasted quite a while so Dr. Washington seemed fairly impressed. And Bill agreed with us. I like Bill, he's intelligent and makes pretty good observations most of the time, but he has a knack for always taking the other side and not agreeing...I thought for sure our topic was going to be more open to attack, but no one in the class disagreed...they just asked a few questions that led to us expanding a bit on our presentation, but no one really seemed to disagree. Amazing.

So, three papers, five finals and this shit is over...then all I have to do is get my financial aid work done, see about getting a summer class if it isn't too late, and figure out what I'm going to declare as my major--most likely liberal studies. Just a couple more years of this crap and then I'll find myself forgetting about the stress and missing all of this probably.

Damn I wish I hadn't overslept Friday morning! SHIT!

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