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14 May, 2002 :: 3:31 a.m.

Well, I still don't know the total damage to my head and neck from the accident a week and a half ago, but I do know one thing for sure--I have a nice dent in my dome. Right at the top of my forehead is now a permanent crease...sweet! Just what I always if the knot on the side of my forehead from sticking my head in a ceiling fan and the mysterious bump on the very top back of my skull aren't enough. I'm thinking that bump on the back of my head may be leftover from when my cousin dropped me out of a shopping cart onto my skull when I was three months old. The more anyone reads this diary, the more they are going to wonder I'm capable of typing at all--and maybe forgive me when I ramble or wander from subject-to-subject without any clear indication as to why I switched things up.

I took my stitches out myself tonight even though I have a doctor appointment at 11:15 this morning (speaking of which, I need to get my ass to bed soon). I was tired of them and now I can finally shave my head again. I've been going nuts even though my hair is maybe a quarter inch long. Once my head is shaved, I'm sure it will accentuate my newest addition, the dent.

And now the moment I've been waiting for pretty much my whole life: the Spider-Man movie. After months of fretting, I finally got to see it (a benefit of being off work with this sore neck is I've seen a bunch of movies). It wasn't horrible, it wasn't great. The CG was horribly obvious and the Green Goblin is quite possibly the worst looking villain ever in any movie including low budget sci-fi from the 50s...I mean seriously, you could've put something better than that together with $50 to spend at an arts and crafts store. But the story I's all the shit they supposedly spent tons of money on that they fucked up...oy.

BET after hours (the damn show has a name, I just can't remember it right now and they aren't showing the name) rules. It's amazing the stuff the videos can get away with that they can't during the day.

I swear there was more I wanted to put in this, but it's getting late and I need some sleep. Can't wait to go to a competent doctor who won't be afraid to send me for x-rays if he feels they are needed. I'd love to have an end to this neck pain. Well, I'm out.

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