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Stir Crazy and Dented
15 May, 2002 :: 3:24 p.m.

I shaved my head for the first time since the accident. *Gleam Gleam*...nice prominent half-moon dent in my skull. Woo. Em said maybe it would pop out eventually. I then reminded her that this is bone, not plastic or a car fender. You can't just pop out a dent in your skull. Maybe a little Bondo would do the trick...nah.

Has anyone seen Mulholland Drive? I realize everything David Lynch does is a bit "out there" but this is just a little further out than I can grasp. I only watched it once, so maybe I just need to watch it again, but I don't know. I still can't see how it would make more sense.

Yes, this is what I've done with my time off. Watched movies. Aside from the above mentioned, I've taken in Training Day, Thirteen Ghosts, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, K-Pax, The One. I love movies and even that has lost its interest. I'm going nuts being around the house all the time. I hate wal-mart and don't really look forward to going back, but I want to get out of the house and do something. The thing is, if I was fine and having this time off, it would probably be great because I could actually do stuff, but if I get up and move around for more than an hour or so, my neck gets all tight and sore. I get bored, decide to do something, then go, "Oh yeah, that's why I wasn't doing anything."

I read Downer's Grove also. Decent, not spectacular...definitely liked Bongwater better. Same author and both deal with being a young adult and trying to cope with what society expects of you and balancing that with following your dreams and finding out who you are, but definitely different stories. Neither are close to as good as Perks of Being a Wallflower, but still enjoyable and well-written.

That has been my time though...reading and watching movies. Ugh. I love both of those things and they are great distractions from doing things I should be doing when I'm feeling fine, but stuck with only doing that for a week and a half has gotten old. Can't go out and enjoy the nice day because too much moving around bothers my neck and gives me severe headaches and possible nausea. I stil have a paper to write for Dr. Koloski, suppose I should be doing that. But that requires reading and watching a movie and I've had my fill of both of those...oops. Maybe I should have done that first. Like I said, they were a nice distraction from doing things I should be doing, or should have been doing.

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