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I have no good title for this...
16 May, 2002 :: 5:57 p.m.

A question and a possible answer:

If there are only 144,000 people who will get into heaven according to the Jehovah's Witnesses, why do they continue to try to bring people in? Seems like the fewers members, the better the chance they have of being one of the chosen ones.

My theory:

It's intentional. The more doors they knock on, the more people they annoy by trying to convert them, the fewer people who actually join the religion or even take it seriously. Thus, every time someone turns one of them down, they secretly walk away thinking, "Yeah, one less competitor for my spot!"

Now the obvious question: was I recently visited by a Jehovah's Witness trying to convert me? No in fact I know very few and it's been years since anyone tried to convince me that I should join. A character in the book I'm reading was raised J's W.

In other news, I had the worst frigging dreams last night thanks to the movie Joy Ride which was an ok movie, but far from the best or scariest horror movie I've ever seen. Serious-wake-up-unable-to-move scared--and it was daylight when I woke up! I couldn't move for like 5 minutes.

The first dream started with me in the house of a friend or family member. A phone call and I find out I'm framed for murder by some unseen guy with a creepy voice and the cops are on the way. I ran for the airport with four friends, but for unknown reasons had to pick just one of them to take with me and save. We were running all over the airport and I was torn while trying to decide which of them I would save.

The dream shifted into another airport dream which was basically the same only now the four friends were all going with me. There was a guy we couldn't quite see clearly, but he kept blocking us everytime we were going to board a flight to escape. Every time I made it to a flight that was about to take off and could have escaped, at least one of the friends would be missing and we'd have to go back to look for them only to run into the mysterious figure that wanted us all dead.

This then shifted to me alone, sleeping in a bed and hearing something tapping against the window. Finally I realized that it was someone tossing stones at the window. I was still half-awake but opened the window and yelled for him to knock it the fuck off. The same damn creepy voice from the movie said, "Good, it's about time you wake up. I'm going to kill you now." Still not fully understanding the scope of the danger, I yelled back something to the effect of, "Yeah, well then come and try asshole." I then realized that while I was on the second floor, the door downstairs was unlocked and I was screwed...that's where I woke up unable to move for like 5 minutes. Finally I got up and walked out into the kitchen and just as I get next the the phone it rings and I feel my heart debate whether it should just stop working all together or beat really, really fast. What a fantastic start to the day.

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