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Damn the Day Walkers!
24 May, 2002 :: 6:12 a.m.

Dis be one dem damn of those days that I curse everyone else for following "normal" circadian rhythms. I'm in one of my been-up-all-night-and-want-to-have-good-conversation modes. Things didn't work out quite as planned yesterday, but then when do they ever? Em and I were supposed to meet some people I work with up in Corning at Lando's, but she didn't sleep well the night before and I worked and then was up all morning running to Wellsboro to the doctor and then back here for physical therapy. So I woke up at 7:30 last night after finally getting some sleep and Em was asleep too. We both needed laundry done before we could go anywhere and needed to eat, so it became clear that Lando's wasn't going to be an option. We settled for bar-laundry which was fine, but Mansfield in the summer time is...what's the term I'm looking for?...oh yeah, dead-ass boring. Tonight she heads home for the weekend for her graduation party and I'm awaiting Chuck's arrival so we can have guys' night out. I'm looking forward to it, but I'm sad at the same time because I really miss York and it would have been great to spend a Saturday night down there...going to Cobblestone for a few drinks and seeing people I haven't seen since summer and then going to the Velvet Rope, the nicest gay bar, hell the nicest bar, I've ever been in. And actually the only gay bar I've ever been in. But I don't care whether a person is male or female, it's still nice to get hit on...especially by a gay guy that tells you you'll have more fun going home with him than with your girlfriend.

Em is starting a job on Tuesday and HOPEFULLY will get the job that she really is trying for. It's with the same company, but better hours and money and probably easier work in the long run. Then we'll hopefully have money to have some fun this summer. Things seem to have calmed down and improved between us since we had our little "war of the diaries" thing. Hopefully that has passed, I just have a feeling that the first time I make plans to hang out with Tara or something like that, problems will arise again. I hope I'm wrong.

My back is really starting to ache and since nobody wanted to be awake to talk to me, now that the world is going to be awakening soon, I should get some sleep.

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