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03 June, 2002 :: 4:00 a.m.

i spend a lot of time wondering about what else is out many versions of me are living in other realities and have it figured out...and since i seem interested in dozens of things but can't make a choice, it could potentially be many different things. for some reason, when i'm faced with many choices, my instinct is not to choose at all; i'd like to think there are versions of me out there who would rather make a choice, stick with it and end up happy.

i really do believe in alternate realities and sometimes i believe that it could be possible to travel to, or at least view, these realities. in all seriousness i don't dream much at all and. when i do, i only get tiny glimpses as i go through my waking life and things happen that make me feel deja vu. it feels more like a memory than a dream...or should i say when i do actually have dreams, i wake up from those aware i had a dream and with at least a good idea of what it was about.

i also believe in a collective consciousness that we return to in sleep...and by now, anyone reading this is thinking, "oookay, i'll just be going now." i can feel and remember pieces of coversations i've had with people i've never met in life or with people i see but don't ever actually talk to...this sounds nuts and i really don't know why i'm writing this or how to explain it better. maybe at another time...

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