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It gets more and more difficult to come up with titles...
24 June, 2002 :: 9:20 a.m.

Ah, it was definitely a full moon last night:

I'm working in housewares and I hear this woman--

"No, leave me alone! I just want to shop by myself tonight...I WANNA BE BY MYSELF! Leave me alone so I can get my shopping done!"...the lady was by herself...

People at work are way too concerned with other people's business. People bitching about so and so taking more than 15 minutes on his break, or more than 30 minutes on lunch--okay, first of all, the two that did the most bitching are cashiers. Yeah, they have work to do, but they also get a couple of hours a night to just stand around and talk...and they're worried about someone "stealing time from wal-mart"--we're talking 5-10 minutes, not standing around for a couple of hours. Second, we're allowed 60 minutes if we want it for lunch; we only take 30 minutes so we can leave at 6:30 in the morning instead of 7. We're off the clock for lunch so if the person wants to take an hour, what the hell is it harming anyone else? People are worried about who has what days off and how many weekends they get...we're talking people who are in their 30's and 40's--I realize working at wal-mart at this age is probably not what they had planned, but does this mean they have to resort to acting like they are freshman in high school and every little insignificant thing is the biggest deal in their lives? I hate people...not all people, just a lot of people.

And another thing about work...only this is about me...I've noticed how atrocious my diet is. I look for cheap stuff to fill me up and what do I settle for? Candy bars, chips...junk. I could buy an apple just as inexpensively as a candy bar, but do I? No, there's pesticides and stuff and no place to wash it off before I go outside for break...yeah, like the crap in the stuff I eat is better than worrying about pesticides...I think I'ma make a few changes in that department...I don't even enjoy the junk that I eat usually.

And another thing about work...why do people act like I'm the 98 pound weakling that gets sand kicked in his eyes at the beach? Okay, I'm 5'7" or so and weigh maybe 150 pounds...but I'm not helpless! I was lifting rubbermaid totes last night and one of the other guys, a guy I can't even stand, stops and asks if I need help with them...give me a damn break, I lift these things every night and they aren't even all that heavy...even a stack of 10 or so which is what I had. Then later in the night I was filling a display of air conditioners--not huge air conditioners, just 5,200 b.t.u. ones that weigh something like 60-70 pounds I big deal at of the maintenance guys comes rushing over..."let me help you with those"--okay, I don't want to sound ungrateful, I appreciate the fact that he was willing to help, but I didn't NEED it. I had already done half the pallet and they were so small that two people lifting them was more awkward than helpful.

One question for anyone that understands science while I'm on the subject of lifting things at can two things that weigh the same amount feel so different? Why does a 20lb. bag of cat food, for instance, feel like it weighs about 10lbs. while a 20lb. bag of cat litter feels like it weighs about 40lbs.? Can anyone explain this...isn't 20lbs. 20lbs.?

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