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Erin Rules and other stuff...
13 July, 2002 :: 2:58 p.m.

Okay, I'm keeping the last entry as a reminder to myself what happens when I get depressed and drink while I'm at home alone. BUT NO ONE ELSE READ's really rambly and pathetic. Unfortunately I know a few people have already read it already...yes, I said that like I wanted to say it.

So I did end up getting to talk to someone after I pissed and moaned about not having anyone to talk to--THANK YOU, rule! I have more or less forgotten all the html I taught myself at the beginning of this experiment, so I will make it easy and say that Erin is guessitsme in my list of favorite diaries. She's very funny and cynically optimistic if there is such a thing...I like to think so since that is how I view myself.

It helped tremendously to just be able to sit and type at the computer and talk about stuff other than the drama in my life and actually have a few laughs.

I'm still not liking where it looks like my life is heading at the moment--back home with the 'rents until I can save up enough to make first month's rent and security deposit...luckily by the time I have that money saved, school will be back in and most of the decent and affordable apartments will be gone.

--All my life been broke / but it really don't matter no mo' --can't wait until my Nappy Roots cd shows up...hopefully Monday. I will always have a spot in my heart for Kentucky thanks to my dad.

--I'm walkin' away from the troubles in my life / I'm walkin' away, oh to find a better day

I don't know where shit is going now, but I guess it wasn't headed down the best road before...I don't want to know exactly where my life is going and what's going to happen, but is there somewhere I can at least stop and buy a map of the major landmarks I should be looking for to know that I am on the right path?

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