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18 July, 2002 :: 8:51 a.m.

I realized after my entry about Erin--who I still insist rules--that I have been remiss in giving props to the others who have been there for me when I needed them--for the most part...although the chances of running in to any of these people online at 3 a.m. are slimmer than the chance of George Dubyah waking up this morning and realizing the horrible path he has set our country down.

Anyway, back to thanking people.

Kate--I met her through a chance e-mail. She wrote to ask a simple question about Mansfield since she was also lucky enough to attend school here, we began discussing changes since she attended and struck up a friendship. She's given advice and been there to listen when I needed someone--though not a 3 a.m., but she's a mom, so I can overlook that I guess. She's been a big help.

Pat and Chuck are my two best friends in all the world and I've mentioned them before, but I'll continue mentioning them. Chuck and I go back to the very early 80's--damn near two decades...thank god I had Star Wars and G.I. Joe action figures so he started coming by to hang out.

Pat I planned on murdering in his sleep the night of orientation after it was pointed out that we had names that rhyme and plus he looked like Fred Durst and what other reasons do you need to kill someone...but fortunately I didn't because I've had the younger brother that I missed out on with my biological brothers, plus a damn funny friend who I know I can count on. I don't want to imagine what life would be like had I not met him.

Deb has been like a second mom to me and listened to a bunch of shit with me being confused about what I want and where the hell my life is going, blah, blah, blah. Granted sometimes she be too much like a mom, but I know she means well and I know that she is another who is there to listen when I need to talk.

Well, short list? Yes. But it's a list of people I know I can count on when I need someone to support me or kick me in the ass or whatever else I need. There are only a few people that I consider friends that aren't on this list and that's because, while I think they'd be there and listen if I needed them, we just haven't had much time or opportunity to catch up. Quality friends trump quantities of acquaintances each and every time.

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