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Guess who's back...if only temporarily
19 September, 2002 :: 5:03 p.m.

So it's been like 25 days since my last entry and this won't be anything to laugh your ass off at or anything profound, but I have the internet for a few moment's so let's see what happens, shall we?

Not having the internet for a solid month after having it at your fingertips almost daily for like 5 years is like having an organ removed from your body with no anesthesia. Especially once you've become addicted to writing down your thoughts in an online diary. So this has royally sucked.

I had hoped by now that the IRS would feel up to sending me my $2,500 they owe me...funny how they set deadlines for us to get money to them, but when you discover they owe you money they are in no hurry to get it back to you. But once they return the money, I will have a computer again and regular internet access.

Why the change to no internet? I have started a new life with Teri and Hannah and while I'm happy with that decision, we live in Liberty which has absolutely nothing to offer other than a bank, a gas station and a small mom-and-pop grocery store. No place to run and check the internet quick-like. And another portion of the IRS $ will be going toward my car which, if it were working properly now, I could at least come here to my parents' house more often or stop at the library on campus and check out the internet. But life can't be simple, can it? Oh well, I'll survive.

But I miss my online friends whose lives I spy on via this website and I miss checking my e-mail and getting "FREE PORN" links daily. Getting over 200 all at once is a bit of an overwhelming experience.

I promise that for anyone who has found a bit of enjoyment from getting inside my head that I am not running away from this creation--quite the opposite, I'm going through mega-withdrawal. But I will be back. In the meantime, I miss all of you whose lives I peek into. I know, I bitched about others not updating...but there is a difference when you have internet access and when you don't. I hope to see you all soon and regularly after that. In the meantime, keep writing and take care...

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