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Sister's Marriage 'n Stuff...
27 September, 2002 :: 11:10 a.m.

So my baby sister is getting married tomorrow. This makes me the only of my mother's children not to be married...and I'm the oldest. I've never been as close as being engaged. I don't regret not being married or engaged yet, I have mixed feelings about marriage. My own parents we split by the time I was two and neither has a high opinion of the other even after all these years...I don't want that to happen to me. Should I make that decision at some point, I want it to be one time.

I'm not a big fan of weddings, the actual ceremony anyway, but I'm excited for my sis and I look forward to the reception...although I need to buy my own wine because while I love my brother-in-law and all, this is going to be a somewhat of a redneck affair with the main drink of choice being Bud Ice I I need to stop and purchase some lovely red wine to give me a happy buzz afterwards.

I feel like ass this morning and I have to go spend the day in the kitchen with Mom--AHHHHHHHHHHHH! This is one of those days where I'll be smoking A LOT and wondering when it will be over...Mom and I both know our way around the kitchen but we have our own ways of doing things and when I've done something a thousand times and then she tries to tell me, "No, you need to do it this way..." ARRRGGGGHHHHH!!! She'll ask me to do things and then won't leave me alone to do them...Oh the joy. My sis better realize how much I love her to spend a day like this after a wonderful 3 hours of broken sleep and a throbbing headache. YAY!!! I love weddings and "quality time" with the ol' family. I really do enjoy the good parts, but the bad parts are really, really miserable and make you pause to wonder if the good is really worth what it took to get to it. Did any of that make sense? Do I care?

I just want to get home and watch a movie tonight with Teri--hopefully we can fit that in. We need some quality time. Things have been going better (really great for the most part) as she and Hannah and I all adjust to the new living arrangements, but some parts of our personalities are too alike I think sometimes...we agree on so much and then we knock heads over stupid little things...those stupid little I-know-I-do-that-too-but-then-it's-okay-not-when-you-do-it-though sort of things.

I'm not sure if this had a point, but I'm not sure that I'll even remember that I made this entry an hour from now, so does it matter? No. Off to the front lines to do battle with my mom over how to prepare food. Woooooo.

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