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Another layover
29 October, 2002 :: 12:02 p.m.

Thirty two days since my last entry...and now I'm back for another go round. Woooo.

One week ago today I had car trouble and it took over an hour to get home...who knew that that would be the highlight of last week. Car trouble, break-up, the realization that all of my grandparents are going to probably go in a short amount of time: step-father's parents both failing rapidly, my paternal grandfather in the hospital with knee surgery and then developing pneumonia and almost dying, my maternal grandfather with a liver problem that has him wasting away while the V.A. hospital dicks around trying to figure out if it's cancer or what. I've never lost anyone close with the exception of Andrew, my nephew, but he was only a day old so I didn't have time to know him (though I still miss him)...I don't know how I'm going to handle a rash of grandparent deaths if that is indeed how it plays out.

Jerry Seinfeld was right: when you find yourself moving back home with your parents, there's no way you can convincingly say that your life is on track and going where you wanted it to. This is not how this entry was supposed to start. I had it all planned out and this wasn't it.

Moving back home sucks. Moving back home everytime you break up with someone sucks worse. Lesson to me--next apartment, I'm the only one on the lease so nobody can force me out.

Yes, this means my life has gone off track again. I knew it was going to before I made the move out the door...didn't I? Yeah, I think so. A good thing can turn bad real quick when you throw two different lifestyles together with no room to move and one side wanting all changes to be done on the other.

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