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Sticker Shock--the pain's less if you can do it in small doses)
31 October, 2002 :: 10:37 p.m.

Well, I'm never going to mention anything in here again until after it has happened. I was torn about whether to go to Teri's or not, but it was all a lot of worry for nothing...she cancelled too. She has to work early so she doesn't want to get together. I am going out somewhere I just don't know where yet...and even if I did I wouldn't write about it now because when I got there the place would probably be a pile of cinders.

I would be content to sit at home and drink by the light of the computer or watching DVDs, but I failed to get out earlier and get anything to drink tonight and this time of night in PA the only place to buy alcohol is at the bar...yes, you can buy six packs, if you feel like being ripped off for's no worse than ordering six beers while you are at the bar, but you notice it less when you are paying for each beer as you drink it as opposed to paying all at once for it. Kinda like cigarettes--yes, I know they are expensive but I can keep the shock to a minimum by buying individual packs...I bitch about paying $3.70-$4.50 for a pack of Camels, but it's a whole lot easier than convincing myself to part with $40 for a carton.

Time to head out and see what the night brings...

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