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Not sure what I am, but sure I'm not typical
05 November, 2002 :: 8:45 a.m.

I am not a "typical guy." I don't change my own oil or spark plugs in my car, in fact I've done very little work to my own car. I'm fine with that. No, I'm not opposed to learning how to do more handy stuff like that, but I don't feel it's a necessity for me to be a complete man.

I can bake kickass cheesecake, cookies, breads. I make pizza from scratch when I feel like it--no crust or sauce from the store. I've created some dishes of my own and I rarely fail at anything I have a recipe for...and I'll clean the dishes afterwards. It's the life I was raised on...when I was in 2nd grade I remember coming home and washing dishes before I could watch cartoons, I had to vaccuum, dust, even clean the mom worked nights so it was either let Tom prepare beans and franks every night or take over myself and prepare meals. I didn't spend time in the garage watching Tom do work on engines or watch him build things or repair things around the house...we weren't close, I usually avoided him...that's just the way life goes. I also can't drive standard--this is no huge failure on my part, I've just never had a vehicle to learn on, either friend or family what? There are plenty of automatics out there.

In short, I don't do a lot of typical guy things and a lot of people say I have femine quirks about me...I either have people thinking I'm gay or that I'm "the artistic kind"...this is what every redneck tells me once they get to know me. This is also what all of my co-workers and girlfriends tell me. I'm not "the artistic type." I can't draw or paint or create music or write, I just enjoy those things...but I consume what others create. I don't get what these people mean when they say I seem "artistic"...I don't know if they mean it as some sort of compliment or whether that's just what they label things they don't understand...I live in a rural area...I don't think people would say that about me in an urban area...I can only guess what I'd be there.

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