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The World is going to hell in a handbasket...I never did understand that phrase, but it's happening...
22 November, 2002 :: 7:39 p.m.

Okay, so I guess I'm past my little feeling sorry for myself thing. I did start another diary, just because I needed to write but didn't feel like writing here.

Just sometimes I feel like the forgotten man...the one people turn to only when there's nothing better to do...and there always seems like there's something better to do.

Okay, on to other stuff...

McDonald's is being sued for causing the epidemic of obese children...yeah, because parenting has nothing to do with it. When will parents understand that if you don't feed your kids McDonald's or soda or any of the other junk they eat, they won't crave it because they won't know what it is? I'm sick of parents who shove sweets and junk into their kids mouths so they don't have to listen to them cry and's a simple equation: you give in to tantrums, the kid learns to just keep doing it whenever he or she wants something; you don't give in, the kid might still throw tantrums, but generally they don't escalate and they are much shorter when the kid knows that tantrums don't get him anything.

Hey, I'm not a big fan of big business, but I'm so sick of lawsuits just to make money. Oh, I'm fat...blame it on the people who sell food...forget that McDonald's does actually have salads, does have diet soda, does have grilled chicken sandwiches and fajitas which aren't high in fat...if this lawsuit goes against McDonald's, it's time for us to run to our basements and wait for Armageddon. I just can't fathom how our society has come to the point where we blame others for everything. Why can no one stand up and say, "My bad, I'm an idiot and I take full responsiblity..." I'm fat, it' not my fault, it's the companies creating the products I consume and the advertising they use to lure me into binge eating; I've got lung cancer, why didn't they tell me smoking was hazardous?; My liver is rotting away, I didn't think all those nights of getting so hammered I blacked out would have a lasting affect; I killed someone while I was under the influence of alcohol and blacked out, maybe I can blame the alcohol for that too...; I went nuts and killed a bunch of people at the office, I blame it on Twinkies. This society is fucked up.

I propose buying a small, secluded island and setting up a new nation. Not some backwoods return to nature shit. We will have electricity, internet access, plumbing, hot water, good books, good music, all the things you need to make life comfortable. We'll stick to ourselves, maybe sit around and have good conversations in the evenings, but we won't bother other countries...we may have opinions and we may discuss them, but we aren't gonna stick our noses in and tell others how they should run their countries ( listening George W.?). We'll just sit back and try to get some enjoyment out of life before these idiots in power other places destroy all life on the planet with their poisons, nuclear bombs, and diseases. When the end comes, we'll know that we didn't harm anyone else, we left others to do what they wished and we got some actual fun out of life. Sign up if you're interested...

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