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Somebody decided to pee on the parade...
27 November, 2002 :: 6:04 p.m.

Yesterday was a comedy of errors, I guess.

I was supposed to meet Teri to help her move the rest of her furniture into storage since she has to be out of her place by Saturday.

It started with me getting about 3 1/2 hours of sleep and getting up, getting ready to go meet her. I was expecting her to call and let me know when she was going to head over...she had e-mailed me and told me when to meet it started with me being late getting there. Then Chris who was the other guy to help move the big, heavy furniture was late. He was supposed to arrive at 5:30 we were beginning to suspect he wasn't going to make it.

Teri's best friend Amy, Chris's wife, couldn't get ahold of him, the kids were getting hungry and so were we. Teri was getting stressed because it was the only day she has off until Monday and the stuff is supposed to be out by Saturday... Finally we decided to get some pizza and head back to Teri's parents' house and call it a night. Amy took the kids, Teri and I went to get the pizza. Just as we started serving the pizza, Chris showed up. We ate and headed back.

I had left the outside light on in the chance we got to go back...when I pulled in I discovered it had I went to change it, the bulb snapped off in my hand. Took 10 minutes of finangling to finally get the rest of the bulb out and replace it.

Chris and I had been hoping that it wouldn't take more than two trips with Teri's dad's truck...until we looked at the size of the truck and the size of the furniture and realized it would be 4 more likely. We start to load Teri's hutch and as we tip it to get it through the door, discover she didn't take the glass shelves out...SMASH. Get it in the truck (barely) and discover we have room for the top half of the dresser and a few boxes and nothing more.

We get the truck loaded and Teri says she forgot the key to the storage she's taking Chris and Amy's van to her parents' to pick up the key and then will meet us at the storage place... Chris and I hop in the truck won't start! Teri hops out to see what's up, still can't get the truck started, Chris hops out to get something out of the van...and discovers that Teri somehow hit the switch to lock the door when she hopped the van is idling, the truck won't start and Amy says the spare van key is in her purse--in the van. Woooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo. This night is getting good.

Chris and I work at the van trying to jimmy the lock and Teri gets her brother Joel who also begins working on Jimmying the lock...finally Joel manages to pop the lock, so we're in the van. Joel then tells Teri that he would have helped and let her use his truck (bigger than her dad's) and we should at least get the stuff in her dad's truck into his truck and get it to storage even if that's all we have time to move (Chris and Amy need to get their kids home, I have to work, Teri is exhausted). IT STARTS SNOWING! So all we could do is quickly get the stuff back into Teri's place and call it a night.

I hate moving.

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