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Give Thanks
27 November, 2002 :: 5:41 p.m.

So tomorrow is Thanksgiving...a time spent with family or friends or both...or, if you're me, by yourself. Another year of my parents going to Massachusetts, another year of I work retail and this isn't the time of year you can get time off, another year of me probably making a pizza (chicken, artichoke hearts, black olives) and watching football or whatever the hell else I want.

The first year, however, that I don't have to work. No working Thanksgiving night/Black Friday morning! No dealing with idiot customers fighting each other over the sale items, no babysitting said items, telling customers they can't have them until the sale begins at 6 a.m. Sure, I'll almost miss it in a way, but I can sit around getting drunk (yes, Erin, by myself--Hush!) and watching bad tv and maybe making a couple of diary entries that I've been mulling over in my head, but haven't gotten around to. Wooooo.

To some people it would sound depressing to spend Thanksgiving alone since we are socialized to believe that you have to spend it with loved ones; to me, it's actually not a bad way to spend the holiday. Yeah, I love Turkey and stuffing and mashed potatoes and all the rest, but I can do without if it means a day of not having to do anything, not having to deal with people I don't want to deal with, not having to see relatives that I really don't know that well or have anything to say to.

I've got a bottle of wine, 5 Blue Moons and 2 Guinness cans, so I'm set...there's a Buffy marathon and I never watch the show because I really don't care for it, but what better time to remind myself why I don't? There's a James Bond marathon--cool gadgets, sure, but I never got into the movies much...perfect time to. There will be football also, of course, so I'm good. Do I need to spend it with a girlfriend or family or even friends? No. This is one day where I actually like being alone. That's what I'm thankful for. Yeah, Pat, it would have been cool if we'd worked things out sooner and you stayed around here for the break, but I work every other day so we ain't missin' out on much... Besides, when you get back--SPARKLE! I just hope it lives up to expectations after not getting to go last year... We'll be hanging out together, so it'll be good no matter.

Cheers and happy holidays. Oh, and now I'll be able to tolerate the Christmas music a little better at work--the music that's been playing for two solid weeks already. The middle of damn November is not the time to start Christmas songs...after Thanksgiving it's forgiveable.

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