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In a nutshell this was my day off...
04 December, 2002 :: 3:22 p.m.

Damn, I'm so clever...I just spent like five minutes trying to get Erin's name so that it was linked to her diary and you could actually maybe tell...First I was doing something wrong and the html code was showing instead of just making her name the hyperlink to her diary...then it didn't look any different than any other word on the page, so I tried making it  But now it's underlined.  And now, unless someone is really curious or likes whatever the hell else this entry ends up being about, it was pointless because someone stumbling across my diary will not go back to that entry and go "hmm, I wonder why Erin's name is underlined?  Oh, I see.  It's a link, think I'll click it."  So you see the trouble I go through for you girl?  Actually it's all good, I need to pick up something new html-wise every now and then--Speaking of which, you bastards, I put my link to my notes on my diary page and also put my profile link on my page, so now you can leave notes without having to go through the hassle of going to my archives page or finding my profile on your own and you can just click and leave me a note.  To date, the only person to do this is KidE, so thank you for's nice to meet you and nice to be added to another person's list of favorites again...that is always a little boost for the ego.  And thank you Erin for steering someone else to my diary.  I owe you...actually probably by the time you read this I will have repaid you the best way that I can for now.  But thank you again.

So aside from picking up one more minor html skill that still leaves me lightyears behind your average 8th grader, how did I spend my night off?  Mostly with Pat and we had a great least I did.  Kicked his ass twice at Madden 2002, talked about relationships with females and how they can be great/horrible/confusing/etc.  Wandered wal-mart twice because the first time neither one of us could get help where we needed it--that's something special it is, working there and still not being able to get help when you are there as a customer.  I could have gotten what I needed, but it was just too much of a hassle...Pat on the other hand was being ignored either because of or despite my presence. I'm assuming it was despite because Janet is like in her late 50's or older and I've never wronged her in any way that I am aware of.  

Then, Pat and I went back to layaway because I was supposed to do a favor for my mom, but I wanted to do the layaway when Teri was there because we still are able to talk to one another, but the rest of the layaway people are her friends and they all give me weird looks and a bad vibe when I walk by them now. Unfortunately Teri wasn't there, but her friend Khendra saw me, so now it looks like I was there to stalk Teri because I opted not to do the layaway.  Oops.  What the fuck do I care?...I sort of wonder about what's been said about me to get me these looks and bad vibes from people on days, but I can't control any of that shit and I don't even know for sure that anything has been use sweating it I guess since I don't actually have to deal with any of them.

Aside fromt that, Pat helped me pick out a knit cap to keep the radar dishes on the sides of my head from freezing off and to keep a little heat in since this time of year is hella cold on a head with little hair. Hopefully it doesn't look too bad, but then again, as long as I'm warm, that's the key I guess. And I showed Pat that wal-mart some how, some way, got ahold of some cool ass Marvel Comics t-shirts--The Hulk and Ironman shirts are way cool...they have a knock-off of the button up Spider-man shirts that Hot Topic carries and the shirts are actually decent looking (and for $14 as opposed to the $65 at Hot Topic, I may actually pick one up although it is beyond me when I would actually wear the thing...but it's still cool as hell).

I realized with horror that I'm getting fat...okay, not fat, but I've developed a little bit of a stomach which gots ta go because I don't deal well with adding extra weight. I just don't understand where this weight came from...I spent Thanksgiving alone and didn't have a lavish meal by any means. I tend to forget to eat when I'm depressed, not where the hell did this stomach come from? I have been drinking more the last month or so, but that's compared to the last few months when I was with Teri...before that I drank more than I am drinking now...much more. Is this some sort of transformation my body is beginning as my 27th birthday approaches? If so, kill me now...I don't like waking up with a sore back and sore knees after I've worked four or five nights in a row...I don't like the fact that my right knee and my lower back are both weather sensitive due to injuries in my youth...I sure as hell don't need my metabolism slowing down on me...I am not prepared to start feeling old for at least another 20 years...if then. While I continue to learn new things about life, my brain has not matured at nearly the rate of my body...I still run for the toy department when I head to stores...I still can spend happy hours milling through Toys 'R Us...I would love to find a group to play football with on weekends...I would love to find people to play whiffle ball with in the summer...I still get enjoyment from reading Where the Wild Things Are and anything by Dr. Seuss...I still stay up after work on Saturday mornings and watch cartoons...and watch cartoons the rest of the week whenever I can...I've devoted a lot of brain cells to the study of pop culture and this started in my youth...I'm not giving it up now. I'm not. And I'm not going to be a fat middle aged guy. It's bad enough that people now think I shave my head because I'm going bald--NO. I started shaving my head over 10 years ago when I had a full head of hair...I do it because I like it, not because I have to hide going bald...I don't get carded very often when I'm buying alcohol anymore--unless it's someplace like Wegman's where it's mandatory that the cashier enter information from your license when he/she rings up alcohol.

Okay, yeah, that whole little rant started because I noticed I don't have to wear a belt to keep my jeans up suddenly.

That was pretty much my day off...

As for today? I have accomplished depositing money into my account so things don't bounce and getting stuff in the mail...and I did this by going to town w/o showering first. How the Fuck do people do this on a regular basis? I only went to the post office and used a coin machine to buy my stamps and then to the drive through window at the bank and I still felt like a nasty bastard. How do people get up and go about their whole day without showering? I only did it because I had a momentary burst of energy and figured if I got in the shower it might be gone by the time I got out and I needed to get these things done today. I shower a minimum of once a day and sometimes twice...I can't see how people go a day or two between showers and feel like themselves. ACK! YUCK!

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