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More reminiscing--did I spell that right?
16 December, 2002 :: 10:31 p.m.

When are they gonna redo Greatest American Hero? That was the greatest fucking show ever. Yeah, so I'm gonna sit here and just make stupid ass updates to my diary based on what I'm watching on television. I hardly ever make time for television anymore, but tonight, HaHa. Rubik's Cube! you turn the sides of the cube, you get frustrated, then you peel stickers off and line them back up. Or you could pop off the little squares and move them.

Kool and the Gang! Hey Pat! Now that's strange, I get the 80's nostalgia and first year of college nostalgia. I ALMOST miss the dorms...yeah, almost. The room right across from the laundry room, trying to catch a nap between classes and listening to the washer fill, the washer wash, the washer fill, the washer rinse...the guy swear as he discovers that the dryer still ain't working right. People blasting old school rap on one side of me (fine) and Backstreet Boys, 'Nsync on the other side (You're a fucking GUY, what the hell are you thinking???). Yeah, those were the days aight.

OH NO December 31st E.T. gets taken off shelves and you can't buy it no mo! How horrible is that? Who cares...I loved that movie at the theater, but it didn't hold up for me when it was released on vhs or now on dvd...sorry. I like my aliens mean or in the form of super heroes. It's not a bad movie per se, just too sappy or something, I dunno. I just feel no desire to ever see that movie again.

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