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That boy can dance when he wanna
02 January, 2003 :: 3:00 a.m.

Yesterday morning I get home from work, check my e-mail...there's one from Chuck and it says he wants to come down for New Year's Eve! Excellent. The prospect of being alone was bumming me out, but I was determined not to sit home...finding out Chuck wants to come down is fantastic news. Hit fast forward and now it's 9:30 p.m., I'm just stepping out of shower and Mom is telling me Chuck is here. I do my little "whatamigonnawear? whatamigonnawear?" thing that makes me more of a girl than most girls I know and finally settle on my Levis's cargos even if they are white...I don't need to hold to some fashion rule that was started before I was born. And I pick my green funky-ass textured ribbed tshirt to go with it. Yes, better than half an hour to pick that out. So I'm chugging a beer as I'm getting ready and then we're on our way...only going to the Gas Light because I'm sure something will be happening there and it's not worth the drive to Chuck ain't stayin' over, he's got a 2+ hour back to Cortland (yes, he's a damn good friend) after we're done, so we don't need an hour drive home from the bar.

Stop and get cash and then Chuck bums me out because he says Brandy is sitting home alone. He says he invited her and she considered it, but then decided no ::my mind flashes back to my birthday last year and the huge fight and all of the stupidness that ensued and no, I didn't argue with Brandy at all, but she had to sit through all of that uncomfortable bullshit so I wouldn't want to hang out with me again either:: so I feel bad...but then I remember that I'm a self-centered son-of-a-bitch so I push that out of my mind so as not to ruin my night.

Chuck and I walk in, pay our cover and I get handed a lei...and I take the damn thing. What am I gonna do with this stupid plastic lei? I knew I wore my cargo pants for something. We grab our drinks (Newcastle for me, water for Chuck--remember? I said he had a 2+ hour drive home...and he's not a drinker anyway). Scan the room and...what the hell is this? There is the beautiful blonde that I succeeded in dancing with only briefly the last time I was out...and there were...approximately two other girls that were attractive and a bunch of redneck guys and unattractive people in their mid-30's and up. Ugh. Not the way I was going to start my new single life. I pointthis out to Chuck who reminds me that it was only there's still hope. More people file in after 11 but still there just isn't much going on. About the only things changing with time are the number of unattractive people and the amount of beer in my hand...full, 2/3, 1/3, repeat. Ron then hands out those glow stick thingies that you can wear as a necklace or do whatever else you wish with--this I can wear, the lei remains in my pocket. People finally start moving out onto dance floor as Chuck and I stand and just talk for a while taking a break from our search. Suddenly the champagne (yes, sparkling wine...whatever) is being handed out and we are counting down...and yes, Pat, we toast you like I said. Suddenly I turn and what the? Attractive females have invaded the bar! Chuck and I make our way to the dance floor after I stop up to the bar for another beer which Chris buys for me...and I only have to put up with him referring to me by the old nickname he gave me at McDonald's--Toadface. Yep, don't know where it came from, but it's been almost 7 years since I've worked there and still every time I see Chris it's, "Hey, Toadface." I get up on the dance floor with Chuck and--thank you, higher power whom I have not given name to--I have my rhythm much more so than I did the night I was by myself. Something about having Chuck there with me relaxes me and makes me feel less self-conscious, less self-conscious translates into I can actually free up and dance. Three girls I graduated with are there: Jen, Karen and Heather...and of course Heather is also with Brianne from walmart...Heather was tied with Kris for hottest girl in the school when I graduated and she is still absolutely beautiful. Brianne is also stunningly beautiful. My first semester of college, every motherfucker who found out I worked at walmart would ask me, "who is that girl with the eyebrow ring that wears the green vest (Brianne normally works in garden center)?" It got to the point where as soon as I heard, "Who's that gi-" I would interrupt with, "Brianne, I don't know if she's dating anyone, I'm not her personal assistant." Now it's nice to watch Heather and Brianne, but Bri hardly ever talks to me, plus she was sorta friends with Char and is friends with I can only imagine the sort of stuff that she's heard about me. I can hope, but I somehow doubt it was, "He's got a really nice dick and he's great using it, you should try him out sometime." Heather and I were in almost every class together through high school and I can't remember us ever having any sort of remarkable conversation. We occasionally said "hi" or various other things that situations force you to say to one another, but that was it...and nothing has changed since I started college and would see her around or when she comes in late at night to shop at walmart.

Jen singles in on Chuck and starts dancing with him and I just go about doing my own thing. Jen then starts herding me to the other side of the floor and next thing I know, there is a girl pressed up against my back dancing with me...hmmm...I have no idea who this girl might be, but I can tell it's a girl because her breasts are pressed into my back and her hands are on my hips. Finally I spin around and, no, it wasn't Brianne or Heather--but it would've been nice since I took so much time explaining who Heather and Brianne, it's some girl that I do not believe I've ever seen before. But we continue dancing because on the dance floor it really doesn't matter who it is, it's just fun to dance w/ someone, especially if they can dance and this girl can. So we dance for the rest of whatever song is playing plus two others, one of which was Nelly's "Hot In Herre" which say what you want, is a great song to dance to. I seriously dislike Nelly's music any other time than on the dance floor...and yeah, it's an older song now, but this is direct link to NYC to be scoring copies of the new hotness before everyone else has it. Jen then introduces me to Trish, the girl I've been dancing with and I buy Trish a drink (Zima--blechh) and we move back up to dance floor. It's an absolutely great time because this girl is not bad looking and she can really dance well. She's all about grinding up close which is fine by me...she then excuses herself to cool off and I continue dancing...with some older woman (she asked Chuck at one point how old he was, he said 27, she says, "I'm thirtyag...I'm 33")...some girl in a dress smacked me upside my head...I let it slide at the time, but after we leave I find out she hit Chuck upside the head also...what the fuck is that? The girl I was dancing with never comes back so I just keep moving around and I look and see Chuck near Bri and Heather, so damn right, that's where I'm moving...I dance my way over and Bri turns and gets this, "I never in a million years would have thought you'd be the type to loosen up and dance" look. She dances with Chuck a little bit and then I find out that she doens't believe that Chuck and I are this makes me feel good. Then it's my turn and I'm dancing with her and she's got this huge smile and then she's telling me I need to smile I do this stupid, force-myself-to-smile smile and she takes a playful swipe which actually ends up with her jabbing me in the throat because I didn't stop moving. She and Heather dance together for a bit and Chuck ends up back with Jen and I end up back with the older, but still attractive blonde. The night is winding down and I can't believe I've had this much fun...I wish Chris a happy new year, say goodbye to the woman I danced with at the end and Chuck and I are out of there.

It was a much better new year's than I imagined myself having a few days ago. Or even earlier that day. This is why I don't like to make definite plans...leave things open and you never know what might happen. I didn't want to hook up with anyone, didn't even really want to talk to anyone (as much fun as I had dancing with Trish, I was relieved when she didn't return because while we were dancing I was like, what the fuck am I gonna say if we leave the dance floor and have to actually talk?). I just wanted to dance and have fun and that's exactly what I got. Chuck and I prove once again that we are the masters of never taking, or getting taken, home by a girl from the bar. But it was a good night and a fine start to a new single life.

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