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04 January, 2003 :: 11:20 a.m.

Never move into a place that you've only visited twice, both times in the evening and where the people before you both had way too much damn hair. That was the nastiest three hours... So yes, after work this morning I ran to my apartment to start getting it cleaned because, Mother Nature be damned, tomorrow I am finally gonna get the rest of my shit moved. But in preparation for that...YUCK! I hate living somewhere other people inhabited before me...I hate it even more when they have left reminders of themselves...especially hair! Fucking hair...yuck, yuck, yuck. I sprayed everything I could with a bleach-based cleaner, I scrubbed the fucking refrigerator, stove, counters, sink, bathtub, bathroom sink and yes, the time I'm just hiring someone to go the fuck in their and do the cleaning for up after myself is one thing, I still hate most of this shit...but at least it's my fucking mess...I don't know what sort of filth I was messing with, only that it had all been soaked in bleach first. I swear I'm going to be obsessive-compulsive and probably end up like Howard friggin Hughes (without the shit tons of money) and lock myself away for fear of germs by the time I'm 40. The older I get the more trouble I have with it...and I've never liked hair. What do you fear? What sends you absolutely screaming for someone to save you? Snakes? Spiders? Stupid people?...whatever your worst fear, imagine that...that's me and hair that is no longer attached to a human body. I hate bugs, I hate spiders, I hate stupid people (snakes are cool though), but I'd rather find any of those in my bathtub than someone else's damn hair. The rest of the apartment wasn't much's in good shape, it just needed to be CLEANED. And I forgot to buy a pair of rubber gloves...I feel like I need to boil my damn hands. I washed them at least 3 times in a row and the last time for a good 2 minutes before I left the apartment.

At least I had "Because I Can" to listen to...the first cd I played in my new apartment... Thank you Alicia...thank you, thank you, thank you.

Okay, now I'm being kicked off computer....yay. Can't wait til I'm totally settled...

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