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Here's your goddamned shrubbery...can I have some classes now please?
12 January, 2003 :: 4:35 p.m.

Well, I have classes...and I think I can even pull off buying books for them...

All I had to do was jump through 3 flaming hoops on a unicycle and then slide down a 10 foot rusty razor blade into a vat of lemon juice to get back into school. Okay, so it wasn't that dramatic, but I'm remembering one of my least favorite things about this school...everyone is supposedly connected via phones and computers and yet you have to run from building to building begging to see this person to be told first you should have done this and then seen this other person, then you can come back and wait while people who walk in off the street get to see the person you need to see even though you called 2 days ago and made an appointment. It's like the whole Monty Python and the Holy Grail deal without the humor, the French and fighting the Black Knight...I did almost get killed by a bunny with big teeth though.

But yeah, I have classes:

Survey in British Lit II which isn't going to be as much fun as I was because we aren't reading modern British novels. Instead I have to cough up $70 for Longman Anthology.

Emerson/Fuller--this should be fun...400 level class with a feminazi. Actually depending on who you talk to she's a good prof and not too hard to deal advisor's words of advice: "Just don't get into a pissing contest with her"

Sweet. No problem. I have a way of either endearing myself to my English profs or making them hate me w/o trying...and so far it's been 2 of my 3 female profs who hate me. More for falling asleep in class and not doing work than for personal beliefs, but Doerksen doesn't like me and didn't like some of what I wrote in her class either, so I don't know. Whatever will be, will be and all that shit, right?

Philosophy of Law...should be interesting and the prof is kind of a stoner hippy guy who is pretty funny. Shouldn't be too bad and will leave me just 2 classes from a philosophy minor...I originally thought just one more, but I guess the requirements were changed. Still to be 2 classes away from anything for me is great.

And Intro to first online class. I could be done with the entire class in 3 weeks if I so choose, or I could wait til the very end and cram, cram, cram...hmmmm, I wonder which I shall choose....

So that's it, once I get my Longman Anthology and my $70 art book I'm good to go. Then all I'll have to do is constantly be reading in order to keep up with glad I don't have cable now.

Hopefully the computer situation will change this week. I have to put off a couple things, but once my $200 from my uncle arrives I should be back on track with getting a computer set up at my apartment. The guy who handles my uncle's money claims the check is in the mail (HAHAHAHAHA) so we'll see. If he's telling the truth it should arrive no later than Tuesday.

I suppose I should explain my uncle's situation...he's paranoid schizophrenic and went nuts while in the army I guess...because he got through their rigorous (again, HAHAHAHAHA) screening and made it into the army before losing it, they now have to pay for him for the rest of his life...he can't handle his own money because his heart is too big and he manages to attract people who want to do nothing but take advantage of him. So there's a guy that handles the money for him and has to approve what he's using money for...aside from a basic allowance that he can blow on drugs and whatever uncle gives each family (and me because I'm a college student) $100 for Christmas...last year he forgot so he decided to make it $200 this year to make up for it. He's a great guy as long as his medications are working and you see him in small doses. I once ran into him up in Corning at the coffee shop I like and he came over and talked briefly then just walked away (If memory serves this is while I was still with Char and I think he thought he was bothering us), but then he walked back in, set $20 on our table and told us the drinks were on him and walked away almost before I could even utter a shocked, "Thank you."...I felt so guilty that he thought he was bothering us, and for a previous time where I had actually seen him and hid (because the previous run-in with him had been less than pleasant)...but anyway, that's the sort of stuff he does for people...he's got the greatest heart in the world, it's just a shame his head isn't always together. So anyway, once his money arrives, I think I will finally be able to afford a computer. Damn, now I feel bad because I owe him a conversation because I didn't speak to him a whole lot at Christmas--in my defense, he wasn't around much because everytime the house got full he went upstairs and slept because it was how he dealt with the stress of too much going on, but when he was around, I didn't get to talk to him much because I was having problems with Teri and not talking much to anyone.

Okay, so that's my update...I'm in school and will hopefully be back online soon. And hopefully too busy to find my way into any drama, but you never just never know.

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