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Sit in the sun
15 January, 2003 :: 12:28 p.m.

So day three is here of the new semester...and I made it to class and...this class should be easy since I've read a lot of what we have to read, but then that kind of takes away from the whole point of a new be exposed to new things. I should have dropped it and tried getting into the slave narrative class, but I didn't. Five minutes into my Emerson/Fuller class I was beginning to think, "oh shit, huge mistake," since there is a 10 page seminar paper to write and weekly response essays to write. But then Sornberger said something that made me feel an instant like for her--she said, "I haven't jumped on this Patriotism Bandwagon that's occured since 9/11...I think all of this patriotism has become some sort of national disease." Thank you, thank you, thank you...nice to hear someone else say it...I mean I know that Erin feels that way, I know Pat feels that way, I know Lacey feels that way, but so many people get pissed off if you start to suggest that everything this country does isn't GREAT and PURE. She then read a quote from Emerson about blind patriotism and how ill-advised it is, how we need to look at the cleanliness of our own hands and purity of our own hearts when getting involved in how other countries should handle their own affairs. I start thinking, what the hell was it of Emerson's that I read and thought it was a tangled web of crap? I think it was Nature, but I'm not positive. See, my problem with Emerson is that he uses 50 words where 5 would often suffice. Not that I should cast aspersions on Emerson's wordiness when I wander pointlessly through my own least you can boil most of what he says down to a logical point. It's just that no one is really forced to read this...200 years from now I don't think they'll be reading the online diary of Cagedspirit...I could be wrong, but I doubt it.

Oh, and for the entertainment of those who were wondering...that was my class that I started to walk into on Monday...Ulrich's child was sick...his wife teaches the class right after ours in the same room and I guess she was late herself. So it was some stand in that was handing out the syllabus and confused me. Tonight is my first philosophy of law class...3 hours on philosophy of law!!! It could be long as we get a smoke break, that's all I care about.

My point of coming to library at this time? To work on response essay for first Emerson reading...did I think this out v. well? No. I lost my ID card during my semester need ID card to print in library...actually, you put money in a machine and then put card in machine and machine magically transfers money to your card so that when you place it into any little magic box sitting next to a printer in this library, you can print...I have my old ID card which still has some money on it...but I didn't bring it with it's all rather pointless. I can't write my essay until I have ability to print it or until I buy disks because I lost them as well so I have no means of backing up what I I'm off to buy disks, find card, etc.

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