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What the crap did I just write?
21 January, 2003 :: 1:17 p.m.

Arghhhh...damn Emerson and his fucking "Nature" essay. This is the second time I've read it and it still makes no sense to me because it seems like he shifts positions several times in the damn thing and he is way too fucking wordy in some points and you read it and reread it and you're still not sure just what the hell he said, or you think you've got it, but you're not totally sure.

All I know is I've just written my second essay for this class and it's my second essay that seems to jump all over and maybe not say anything. We should get the first one back today...if we do, I'll put it here and anyone who reads this can let me know what you think of it. This new essay though...ugh, really bad because I should have focused in on one point and followed it through, but instead I jumped on several different points and these essays are only supposed to be response essays of a page or two and I was at two pages without any sort of coherent argument...gotta love sleep dep.

I still have to read for my Brit. Lit. class tomorrow and my philosophy of law which I'm 90% sure we'll have a quiz in. He drops your two lowest quiz grades, but I don't need to fall behind on the first who knows when I'll sleep. I should have used part of Saturday to my advantage since I didn't yet have computer (I still need to write about Saturday night...I'm even falling behind here...Help me Jebus!) and I should have taken advantage of M.U. finally getting with the program and giving us Martin Luther King day off for the first time ever...but no, I slept and played on computer.

Well, time to get ready to go sit through an hour and fifteen minutes of discussion on Emerson...woooo. I'll say one thing for the bastard...when he writes something good ("The American Scholar"), he's damn good and sets your brain on fire with thoughts; when he writes something that is long and sometimes confusing, he still sets your brain on fire with thoughts...but when you need sleep, it's hard to pull them into a working essay. I'm so glad I'm back in school...again, wooooooo

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