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Heil Bush!
29 January, 2003 :: 4:47 a.m.

So I just checked and read an article claiming the U.S. has "broad evidence" that they will show the U.N. to try to sway the FIVE! members of the security council who don't wish to see us use force against Iraq that we would be right in using military action. Man I hope the gov't never builds a case against me to show why I deserve the death penalty. This is what the article says the "broad evidence" consists of:

--photos of Iraqi trucks leaving inspection sites 2 hours before inspectors arrive

--they will link Hussein to terror training camps in northern Iraq (how is not disclosed...but I can imagine that Powell will say something like, "we've got a gut feeling...I mean, c'mon, it's Saddam for God's sake! He must be doing bad things that require us to kill innocent Iraqi citizens!!") [Note: Up until now I was glad the Powell was one of Bush's guys because he started out against using military action and I thought the man was pretty smart, but he seems to have been forced to Uncle Tom it and just say, "Yessuh, massuh right, Iraq got some pow'ful evil stuff."--I thought Powell had a backbone, some common sense and a conscience, but I guess I was mistaken]

--and lastly the article says that Powell will show that Iraq has mobile biological laboratories and will argue that Iraq is hiding documents in private homes...since when is arguing that something is true the same as presenting evidence?

Okay, so I think Hussein is an egomaniacal bad guy. I don't doubt he's probably working on stuff that he maybe shouldn't out to be...but at this point it doesn't matter which of his crimes are real or which are the imagination of the Bush administration because we are going to come up with excuses one way or another to use military action. I know it's been a while, but does no one else remember that the U.S. economy was in a bit of a tailspin prior to us bombing the bejesus out of Iraq before? Then Americans felt all proud of what we had accomplished (nothing, otherwise Saddam wouldn't be in power for Bush the Dumber--I mean younger...wait, no, I was right, Dumber--to make his #1 target) and the economy eventually worked its way out of the funk it was in and that was the start of the prosperous times we were enjoying up until a year and a half ago. But Bush II (sequels really are worse than the originals, aren't they) is doing the same dumb-ass move his father made--not realizing that it might take some time for the economy to turn around and by then you have been voted out of office. What has the Bush administration accomplished other than picking targets overseas and bombing the fuck out of them even after it's clear that the reason we started isn't the reason we continue (does anyone really think our troops are actually expecting to find Bin Laden in Afghanistan?--does anyone even remember that is how we ended up with troops in Afghanistan? No? Then why the fuck are we still there?). "U.S. troops battle Afghan rebels"--NO SHIT, they want us the fuck out of their country!...if we kept to our goddamn selves and worried about the problems facing our own country from the inside instead of trying to dictate how the rest of the world should be run, maybe 9/11 never would have fucking happened!!!

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