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Back on track?
08 February, 2003 :: 5:32 p.m.

I have my first test in my online intro to art class due by noon tomorrow...I only have 148 more pages to get through before then...I also have to work tonight. Wooooo.

But I'm feeling better...Thursday night I had none of my rage or disconnectedness...Teri and I had a couple of stupid disagreements which annoyed me for a bit, but nothing major. Pat was here too and helped me get the furniture moved I finally have a living room--a big comfy chair and a loveseat. I still need a couple end tables or whatever, but I can actually invite people over and offer them somewhere other than my bed or a stool to sit. The living room actually resembles a living room now.

So I'm feeling much better about that, I'm not stressing school yet, I'm not stressing Teri's and my relationship much...I'm not sure what we are or where we're going, but for the time being everything seems copacetic. So I don't know if I'm done with or just on reprieve from my madness, but I'm feeling much better...Erin helped me out too. First she left a great note in my guestbook that made me laugh, then she kept me company for the better part of Thursday night/Friday morning after Pat and Teri left. I can always count on her to make me laugh and to pick on me. Picking on me when I'm down might seem like odd therapy, but it always works, always makes me realize that this is temporary and things will get better...I don't know why, it just does...that's why I love Pat so much also...I can be totally pissed or totally depressed and he'll pick on me for how stupid I'm being and then I'm back on my way to feeling normal again.

So I'm feeling lucky to have such great friends and I'm feeling, at least for now, back up on top of things. Now to conquer art up through Ancient Greece...

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