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I wish I had a brand new car, cause so far, I've got this hatchback and everywhere I go, yo I gets laughed at
12 February, 2003 :: 1:05 p.m.

My car is so ghetto. [How ghetto is it?], this isn't a joke. My car's inspection and registration run out at the end of this month. My car is 10 years old and really starting to fall all to hell. I'm all for little quirks here and there in my automobiles, it gives them character. My car has gone well beyond the point of having cute quirks.

--The air conditioning has never worked...not a big deal, especially this time of year.

--To get into the back seat of the car, one must go to the passenger's side of the car or wait for me to let them in because the back door on my side won't open from the outside.

--Sometimes the back passenger's side door won't open from the you enter through that door and have to exit through the driver's side back door. Kinda funny when giving people rides and I let them discover this for themselves.

--At any given time, any of the doors on my car may stop working properly. The front passenger's side door sometimes won't open from the inside or outside. The driver's side sometimes won't open from the outside. The back doors work as stated above.

--The trunk has developed a rather bad leak when it rains or when snow melts...this was lovely to find out when I was transporting my cd's back to my parents' house from Teri's in the rain...many liner notes ruined.

--My driver's side window does not roll down, I must use my hand to push it down...being careful not to push it down so far that it gets lost down inside the door. I've had the window fixed three times and each time the little clippy thing that makes it work I've given up repairing it.

--I currently cannot find the little piece of metal that you glue to the windshield to clip your rearview mirror to. The rearview mirror has fallen off at least 3 times in the last year...this last time, okay, I knocked it off with my head (yeah, go ahead and laugh) and the next day, when I bought the adhesive and was going to put it back, the little metal thingy was missing. It's been too cold to stay out there rummaging through my car and when I've had time, I've forgotten about can fucntion just fine with your side mirrors.

--I now only have one side mirror. Okay, technically the other one is still there, but it does me no good dangling down against the side of my car. Last Friday I overslept and in my rush to get to work, sorta smacked the window against the side of the house when backing out of the driveway. I'm normally good at backing up and I've done this a thousand times...I just screwed up this once. So I now have one mirror with two needing to be fixed before I try to get the car inspected.

--My brakes are squealing majorly this past brakes should not be squealing at all as they are not that old.

--I just had to have the front axle shaft replaced a couple months ago because suddenly my right front tire started wobbling all over the place and trying to make the car go in different directions than I intended to go.

This car has become a master of nickel and diming me so that I cannot ever save money to have it properly fixed or save money to get something else. The damn thing smells any extra money that I get and comes up with new ways to snatch the money away before I can even contemplate what to do with it. I would so love to get rid of this beast and get a cheap car that I can just run until it dies and not feel bad about. I've had the current car for five or six has served me pretty well, we've had some good times...but then it's always got something wrong with it and always acts like it could die at any time which has left me cautious of how far I drive it or where I take it...since there are some roads around here that lead to the middle of nowhere and I don't feel like getting stranded. I used to be the type of person to just hop into my car on a whim and destination planned, just go see where I end up on a day off...but now I can't do that and I hate it. A car is supposed to be a symbol of freedom, not a leg iron with a one ton ball at the end of it. I miss my that car had character. I miss the Nissan Sentra that I had for a week and a half while my car was getting fixed. I miss the Geo Metro that I rented so Pat and I could go to Corning one Saturday night when my car wasn't acting right...the Metro that we almost turned into a bumper sticker on some other car coming home at 1:30 on that very foggy night...

Oh well, enough dreaming about having a fancy Geo Metro...I've got another test to study for...woooooo

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