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So when did not having cable become unAmerican? OR, The entry where we all learn that I'm a cuddly thug...
20 February, 2003 :: 7:17 a.m.

that's right, 2 titles for the price of none...cause I'm generous and stuff I love the government...and by love I mean despise. So I guess they've been airing commercials telling Americans that they should have a kit put together in case of terrorist attack...apparently they only care about Patriotic Americans and by patriotic I mean those that watch tv. Because I missed the memo that I was supposed to run out and buy shit-tons of duct tape and plastic sheeting.

Honestly though...the quickest way to spot a moron now will be to look for the home covered in plastic sheeting and duct tape. Because the warnings? B.U.L.L.S.H.I.T. Bush propaganda. Does he automatically assume that all Americans are as stupid as he is? Who doesn't realize that he needs some way to scare up support for blowing innocent Iraqi citizens off the face of the earth and so conveniently the nation is put on "orange alert"...ooooooooohhh. Any American that believes Bush should just save time and climb inside a 45 gallon trash bag and seal it up real tight so that the poison gas doesn't get to them. That way we can just pitch your stupid-ass corpses into the nearest landfill and be done with you. HEY--someone should convince Bush to do that! Prolly wouldn't be that difficult. Tell him he's filming a commercial that will air for school children to keep them safe in case of terrorist attacks...then we can mail videos of the event along with a piece of Georgie himself to the leader of each country where protests took place this past weekend. The piece of Bush will have a note attached apologizing for Americans being represented by a moron like that and a promise to get rid of the electoral college system (How does that work for you, Erin?--you are more cute and funny than scary when you get mad, by the way). The tape they can air on national television to show those who protested that the American people heard them, even if Bush himself ignored them. As Dr. Ulrich said yesterday, we learned last weekend that popular opinion counts for nothing unless it happens to be convenient.

So yeah, anyway, everytime I try writing about this topic I end up getting pissed to the point where I can't focus. North Korea as I said in an entry quite a while back is more of a threat than Iraq; Saddam may be a bad guy (or not, I don't know...I never met the guy), but I'm not seeing how his disregard for the UN is any worse than Bush's; Americans who blindly stand behind our president on this are idiots...I think there's probably more but those are my main bitch points right now. But Wait! There's More!-- Okay, so it's just some personality tests that I stole from Erin, but the Care Bear one is funny as hell and the other one, well it sounds like me I guess... Thug Bear
Thug Bear

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