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Random stupidity
22 February, 2003 :: 7:19 a.m.

Yesterday was a $1,000 day...the funny thing is, I didn't know that term until yesterday...funny how life works out sometimes. You read something at the same time it's happening to you and you're just like, "Oh, shit."

But I'm not worried about it...I have a lot of $1,000 days and while they suck at the time, in the end I could care less...because it wasn't a bad day.

I am wondering however if Teri has taken up the art of voodoo...from about midnight until 3 I had an amazingly tender spot on my side between a couple of hurt just to walk and have my shirt brush against it...and occasionally it was a sharp, stabbing pain. Then it stopped and now I can tell where the spot is, but I can poke it--like a really hard poke--with only the slightest hint of discomfort.

I bought The Evil Dead this morning...which, thanks to the geniuses running the store leaves me with a big gaping hole in my dvd collection...I own the "Official Bootleg" version of Army of Darkness and now I own The Evil we sell Evil Dead II? Hell no. So I can go online and pay like $18 or I can try another walmart, or hope to stumble across it elsewhere.

The dead total is up to 96 for that Great White show at the night club...more and more families are being touched by this tragedy...more and more people will be forced to tell someone at some point that a loved one died at a Great White show...where is President Bush when there is a real national tragedy? Go ahead, call me an asshole for making fun of this. It's not my fault if God punishes people for their bad musical taste...speaking of which...why hasn't a Dashboard Confessional concert gone awry and ended in massive deaths of stupid teenagers? Or Justin Timberlake? Or a bajillion other shows? Is it because God felt these people had enough time to grow up and develop better musical taste? Still...a good blaze at a Dashboard Confessional show...

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