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Another generic recap
26 February, 2003 :: 12:46 p.m.

I don't know what walmart the people from the newest flyer work for...but that's the one I need to be at. There are some cute damn girls...granted one is a daughter of an associate, one is a customer, but still...I don't think anyone working at the one in Mansfield even have family that look like these girls.

Walking to class the other day, I looked like a real ass...just a thin layer of snow on the ground, hiding the ice...appropriately I was listening to Flogging Molly so it was okay that it looked like I was trying to dance a jig.

Teri refused to come over last night afterall. She wanted me to leave her stuff on the porch so she "wouldn't have to deal with me." I said, no, she could come to the door...her stuff is all packed and it would take all of a minute of her time and she could at least look me in the damn eye. I promised her that I had no intention of starting anything or even saying anything, I just wanted her to look me in the eye instead of trying to run and hide...she created this situation by being a lying bitch...she can deal with the consequences like an adult. Her excuse? Hannah was with her and she didn't think Hannah should have to "be put through all of this." Put through all of what? She comes, gives me my stuff, I give her the stuff that belongs to her and *BAM* we're done with each other. I have the key to her storage unit...I'm not just gonna leave that sitting outside...that's all I need is for her to say I still have it...I want to hand it to her in person. Whatever, I just want this stupid bullshit over with and she has to prolong it...she said she'll have her brother bring my stuff over...I said, yeah, or since you're almost here, you could just be an adult and come to the door. So she said no. Oy. Yes, drive 20 miles back to your house, give the stuff to your brother and have him drive 40 miles round trip to drop the stuff off...or just drive the last few minutes of your trip and exchange the stuff now...she opts to go home...stupid, stupid bitch.

I'm comforted by the fact that my diary is invisible to Google apparently. I accidentally mentioned it to Lacey the other she asked me for the site...uhhh, no...then you'll see the "I have a full-blown crush on Lacey" and the fact that I had a very vivid dream about you--on that note, I've had a couple more dreams about her, but not sexual. I'm not sure what happened but we barely talked last was like we got too the point where either something was going to happen or we needed to back we just really didn't talk much last week...then the other night, I gave her a hug and she gave me another one of those very slight kisses on my neck, just barely anything, but just like the first time, it was like, "WHOA!" I hate the fact that I like Andy. Why is it that I know a dozen girls who are dating morons that I wouldn't think twice about trying to convince them to leave, but I'm not interested in them...the one I AM interested in, is dating a great guy. Fuck, fuckity, fuck.

No Guinness or movie last night...I went by movie store at 9:30, still open...went to cash machine, and got back to movie store maybe 7 minutes later and they had closed...but it wasn't too bad because it wasn't Movie Girl working last night...but since no movie, I didn't bother with the beer either...maybe tomorrow night. Instead I got my reading done for Brit Lit AND made it to class today--FIVE consecutive classes! Woooo. Yes, as Pat pointed out, most people just take making class five times in a row for granted...but for me? That's a big deal. I did skip Emerson yesterday...we were just doing his poems and he is not a good poet. So what do I find out? No class tomorrow! I could have gone yesterday, kept my misses at 1 and still gotten out of class once this, I miss the class where she announces we don't have class next time and gives us some handout that I'm supposed to get from Joel, I guess.

I have to remember that I have class tonight...didn't occur to me until Thursday last week that it seemed like I'd missed something...yeah, class the night before, Moron. Your once-a-week class where you miss shit tons of notes if you miss, plus missed finding out what you got on the test the week before AND missed a quiz. But it was Erin's fault! Last Wednesday is when my package arrived from her, so I stayed up until like 5 listening to cd's and stuff. So there...not. my. fault.

So yeah, I gotta remember class tonight. At least I got sleep last night...7 hours. it'll only take me until about 6 tonight to start waking up...well, I better go read philosophy of law since I still have to find out what last week was about and read for tonight...

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