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Stupid is as stupid does...and does...and does again...and again
02 March, 2003 :: 8:21 a.m.

Rereading a lot of my diary entries had been both good and bad. Some entries I really like and barely believe that I actually wrote. Other stuff I'd forgotten about already and was glad that this thing is serving its purpose.

Anyway, it's also been sort of depressing to see how many times I thought I was on the right track, thought I'd finally learned a lesson only to repeat it. I think that rereading this stuff fractured my pride big time. I am not so smart. I'm tired of saying, I'm gonna do this, or I'm gonna do that and then doing the opposite.

Oh, and Erin, love...I very much appreciate your input, but as I was reading a couple of them, I couldn't help but think that maybe, just maybe that was part of the reason you pointed them out? To show me that I've been repeating myself? To show me that I've had moments of clarity and then let the haze drop back over my eyes? I know...I keep putting myself in bad situations. Let's see how long this moment of clarity lasts, shall we? I will always, always appreciate the fact that you are there for me. Just one bone to pick--for someone who volunteered to be my editor, you didn't tell me how many damn typos I had in some of those entries. I suppose that since we haven't hammered out a deal and I'm not paying you, I can't bitch to much, can I? Just one more thing, I am making progress on the first cd for you. Yay...or it's about time, or something.

Spring break. Wooooo. Actually, it feels pretty much like any other week only when I don't go to classes this week, I won't get marked for absences. Yay again. As far as the rest of things, I'm still working, still spending most of my time here at the apartment by myself, so it doesn't really matter whether people are in town or not. Gonna be just a typical week.

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