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04 March, 2003 :: 9:29 p.m.

Well, I slept for about an hour today if you add up my 20 minute naps, I think. D'oh.

Oh, and HOLY FUCKING CRAP!!! I maybe should have e-mailed Lacey my diary entries when I was more awake. I sent her Erin's "Fuckwittage" and my response (I think called "An example of fuckwittage...maybe"--something to that effect anyway). And go me, I kick ass. I copied and pasted not realizing that when I did so, that the links Erin and I both included to each other's diaries in those entries would be active in the e-mails. So the whole thing about cutting and pasting entries so that Lacey doesn't read this? Pointless. I rock!

She said she hadn't...but I mean c'mon, they're just sitting there...I know if it were me I might not do it right away, but I'd eventually click them. Sweet merciful Jeebus, what did I ever do to you? So, Captain Sleep Dep, what's it feel like to cut your own jugular? Oy,oy,oy...

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