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First they put cheat sheets up for the online art I can take oral comm there anything you can't do with a computer?
18 March, 2003 :: 7:30 p.m.

You can take Oral Communications online now...WTF??? Don't get me wrong, I'm not bitching...this indeed will be the way to go for me I think since I hate giving speeches and shit. But WTF??? I overheard someone talking about this in my philosophy of law class last week, so I looked into it...sure enough, it's offered online now. I knew there was a reason I walked out after the first day of oral comm and never went back that semester I signed up for it. I have no idea how this online thing works, but the guy in phil. of law said that you send in tapes of your speeches. Sweet...I can do that. Fuckin' A, I could be masturbating and still do a speech and no one would know...What? I could...I don't make much noise when I masturbate...and it would relieve hey.

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